Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 5: What Was Carved On The Walls At The Jabiim Hideout?

Obi Wan Episode 5 Aurebesh Translation Easter Eggs

The 5th episode of Obi Wan Kenobi aired this morning on Disney+ and in it we see a ton of carvings in Aurebesh on the walls in the hideout location on Jabiim. Just like the safehouse on Mapuzo from episode 3, when translated these carvings may provide clues to finding other Jedi who escaped the purge during Order 66.

For those who do not know, Aurebesh is the Star Wars version of the alphabet that is used to translate Galactic Basic Standard. Or English… with a cooler name. I spent some time this morning translating what I saw carved on the walls in the episode and YES, I found a few interesting new Jedi names that you’re going to want to know about.

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But before I go into details about what was carved on the walls in Obi-Wan episode three I want to let you know that if you have not seen the episode and don’t want to be spoiled then RUN AWAY!

obi wan spoilers

When Roken, Tala, Obi-Wan, and Leia reach Jabiim they land in a hangar built inside of a cave system that acts as the next, and possibly final, step of The Path.

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The Path is a series of safe houses and travel routes to help force sensitive children, adult force users, and former/current Jedi to escape the Empire and the Inquisitors who are hunting them down.

What was carved on the walls in Kenobi Episode 5? More Legends Jedi getting canon mentions?

There were plenty of Jedi that made it out of Order 66 alive. Some masters, some padawans, and even younglings like our boy Gungi from The Bad Batch trailer. In episode 3 we got names of three are Legend’s characters who were finally canonized. We get even more this week in Obi Wan Kenobi episode 5.

One in particular has me very excited and makes it even more likely that we see Quinlan in an upcoming show.

Here’s what I found.

“The Light Fades But Is Never Forgotten”

Obi Wan Episode 5 Aurebesh Translation

Just below the Jedi Sigil, the same carving we saw in episode 3 on Mapuzo, we see a full sentence that says, “The Light Fades But Is Never Forgotten.”

Jedi Padawan Ekria

Obi Wan Episode 5 Aurebesh Translation

Ekria was the Padawan of Jedi Master Aayla Secura. It actually makes sense that she would show up here. Why? Because while her master was Aayla Secura, Aayla’s master was Quinlan Vos. The same Quinlan that was name dropped in Kenobi Episode 3 by Obi-Wan in the safe house on Mapuzo.

Ekria first appeared in a series of web strips that were written by Paul Ens and Illustrated by Tom Hodges. They ran from 2004 to 2006 and were exclusively available to The Star Wars Hyperspace fan club members.

Drake Lo’gaan

Drake Lo’gaan was a Human male Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars. Apprenticed to Master Roron Corobb, Lo’gaan participated in the galaxy-wide conflict, but was separated from his master during the Battle of Coruscant. During the battle, Corobb was slain by General Grievous, leaving Lo’gaan without a master. Soon after, Anakin Skywalker sent Lo’gaan to Felucia to aid in the ongoing battle on that world. There, he met Ekria and Zonder, fellow masterless Padawans, and he witnessed the enactment of Order 66. Fleeing back to Coruscant with his new friends, he lived his life on the run from the Inquisitorius, particularly Antinnis Tremayne.

The trio of Padawans eventually became freelance crime-fighters in Coruscant’s underworld, and were involved in a Black Sun plot. Though they thought themselves safe at first, their dealings with Prince Xizor put them in grave danger, and resulted in the death of Zonder at the hands of Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. Lo’gaan and Ekria sought revenge, and planned to assassinate Vader on Tepasi, but they had a contingency plan in place, in case the attempt failed. Lo’gaan unsuccessfully dueled with Vader, but survived the encounter thanks to trickery on Ekria’s part, and the pair were able to live their lives in solitude, believed dead by the agents of the Galactic Empire.

“DA”Jedi Master Djinn Altis

Obi Wan Episode 5 Aurebesh Translation

Djinn Altis was mentioned in Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 3 in the carving on the walls of the Mapuzo safehouse.

Djinn Altis is a Legends character who was a male human Jedi master that created his own splinter group of Jedi called the Altisian Jedi who were loyal to the Republic but did not agree with all of the restrictions of the main Jedi Order. They were allowed to have families and take on multiple apprentices at one.

The core difference between Djinn’s sect of Jedi was that he believed that Jedi should be encouraged to have attachments. Although he was considered a little kookoo by many, he was still able to rise to the rank of Jedi Master.

Although he participated in the Clone Wars with his acolytes, including missions with Anakin and Ahsoka, they were able to all survive order 66 because they did not work closely with Clones. Allowing them to go underground once the Jedi purge started.

From what I can tell Master Altis has never appeared in a comic. As of now his first appearance in any media is the Children of the Jedi novel from Del Rey in the mid-90s.

Jedi and Rebel Pilot Corwin Shelvay

Obi Wan Episode 5 Aurebesh Translation

Corwin Shelvay first appeared in the 1993 RPG “Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments of the Rim.” If you’re into obscure collectibles you can get a copy of the guide on ebay.

To be honest I didn’t know much about Corwin Shelvay but here’s what Wookieepedia on his bio page.

Corwin Shelvay was a male Human Jedi Knight in the time of Emperor Palpatine’s Great Jedi Purge. The apprentice of Darrin Arkanian, Shelvay traveled the galaxy with his master until he was captured by the Empire on Coruscant. Arkanian rescued him at the cost of his own life, falling to the blade of Antinnis Tremayne. Shelvay sought revenge on Tremayne, grievously injuring him, but came perilously close to the dark side in the process.

After wandering the galaxy in search of a new purpose, Shelvay eventually joined the Rebel Alliance. In the following years, he recruited new members into its ranks and led special forces teams in attacks against the Empire. Shelvay eventually joined the New Jedi Order after the destruction of the Galactic Empire.

One other interesting takeaway is that, in Legends, Corwin Shelvay worked on a Rebel Alliance mission with fan-favorite Jedi Kyle Katarn. The connection is loose but Katarn fan boys/girls may have a reason to get excited IF Corwin turns out to be more than an easter egg.

Roganda Ismaren

Obi Wan Episode 5 Aurebesh Translation

This is the same person that was carved into the walls of the Mapuzo safe house from Kenobi Episode 3.

Here’s what we know from legends.

Roganda Ismaren is a Female former Jedi Initiate from Alderaan who, like Djinn Altis, first appears in the novel Children of the Jedi but has not appeared in comic form yet. This mention is her first canon mention. Her story is long… and very odd. But it opens up a TON of possibilities, I’ll give you the highlights here.

Roganda survived Order 66 by being smuggled with other young initiates with the help of Jedi Master Plett. But was eventually found by the Inquisitorious and taken into Imperial custody. She eventually grew into an adult woman and became one of Palpatine’s concubines. Which is a terribly unpleasant thought but a girl has to survive. She got pregnant, promoted to Emporers hand, and began grooming her son to be the heir to the empire. Her son eventually killed her.

Ok so I have no clue if they plan on tying this character into the current canon more. Her story doesn’t really fit what they have going on. Could just be an easter egg but fun all the same. You can get her full background here on Wookieepedia.

Rahm Kota

Rahm Kota Obi Wan Episode 5 carving easter egg

“RK” can be seen on the wall. This could be Jedi Master Rahm Kota.

Rahm Kota is a Jedi Master and General from the Clone Wars who was previously only a Legends character. So, through this tiny reference, maybe, just maybe, he’s now canon. He first appeared in the Force Unleashed video game.

Rahm Kota Obi Wan Episode 5 carving easter egg

After Vader’s apprentice was cast out of favor with the dark lord, him and Rahm team up in the Force Unleashed II. For those who want to experience that story in comic form, he appears first in the Force Unleashed Trade Graphic Novel from August 2008, and then in the Force Unleased II Graphic Novel from September 2010.

There are also scarce mini comics (the mini comic for the first game was published 2008) which came specially packaged with certain versions of the games which are pretty tough to come by. These 2008 mini comics are the first appearances of Starkiller, Rahm Kota and all the original characters from the game.

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“MF” Minos Fel’Kona?

First off this one is debatable. The two of us here at actually disagree on the letters here. Which is fine, we are all the republic.

The first initial could either be an M or an L. The confusion comes from the style of symbol as it looks backwards. There is, however, some precedent set for using inverted Aurebesh symbols to denote a capitalized letter. That combined with the story I’m about to summarize below make me below that this is not only an M but that MF represents Minos Fel’Kona.

This is a deep-cut mention as Minos’s only mention is in the Living Force RPG games from what used to be The first plot he was involved in was “The Sith Fortress” and you can check out the archived page here with the story. But if you disagree let me know in the comments.

Minos Fel’Kona was a human Jedi Master from Legends who studied at the Academy of Almas and became a professional investigator for the Jedi Order specializing in Sith history. This includes a full investigation of Darth Rivan (not a typo) where Minos found all kinds of dark side relics, remains of beasts, and insights into how the Sith operated over 1000 years BBY.

The reason I believe that the Aurebesh initials from episode 5 of Obi-Wan translate to MF and represent Minos’s is that his story includes him not only surviving Order 66 but also smuggling other Jedi survivors to safety. Fits the narrative of “The Path” perfectly in my opinion.

He believed that fighting Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine would end with the death of the surviving Jedi he decided it would best to take the survivors and hide in the “depths of the galaxy.” Which, if he was going to be pulled into visual media, would explain his absence during the galactic civil war with the Empire. You can read the thoughts of Minos after Order 66 from the Living Force RPG here.

A Memorial for Fallen Jedi Younglings

Jedi Youngling Crest Jabiim Obi Wan Episode 5 carving easter egg

One of the symbols which is not the most ubiquitous galactic written language, Aurebesh, is an artfully scrawled depiction of the Jedi Youngling Crest. One has to imagine this was done as a memorial to those slain at the Coruscant Temple during Order 66.

Jedi Youngling Crest Jabiim Obi Wan Episode 5 carving easter egg

Unknown Markings from Jabiim in Episode 5

These are some markings we’ve translated, identified, or noticed, but don’t yet know the significance of. If an eagle-eyed fan has an idea, shout it out in the comments!

EC Jabiim Obi Wan Episode 5 carving easter egg

The initials EC, could mean a large number of in-universe characters, or perhaps just be the initials of somebody involved in the episode’s production.

FA or crest, sigil, symbol Jabiim Obi Wan Episode 5 carving easter egg

There carving could be the aurebesh letter “F” at a tilt and then an “A” close enough together to touch. This could be a reference to Fy-Tor-Ana, Fable Astin, or perhaps other Jedi I haven’t thought of yet. The symbols are close enough to perhaps be one symbol, sigil, or crest, though. This may indicate an entirely different character or group. I’ve been unable to find an in-universe symbol that looks like this. Maybe it is being placed here to show up again in later productions like Andor or Ahsoka. We’ll see.

All in all I cannot say I think most of these characters will have their stories told in live action. They are likely just Easter eggs for diehards. It is cool however to have their names brought back into canon and to get hope that more Jedi survived into the original trilogy. Even if they weren’t involved in Luke Skywalker storylines.

That’s all for now.

For light and life.

~Grand Admiral Frik

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