Quinlan Vos First Comic Appearance and Why That Matters A Lot Right Now

In the third episode of Obi-Wan we got a look at an underground railroad of sorts for Force Sensitives to escape the empire. There were some familiar names etched on the walls in Aurebesh. One in particular name has me excited.

Obi-Wan mentioned that “Quinlan Vos was here” and Tala said, “Yeah… he helps us out from time to time. Smuggling Younglings.” This is important because it’s the first time that Quinlan has been mentioned in a live action setting. Although, as you’ll see below, he did have a cameo in The Phantom Menace when Sebulba was about to pummel Jar Jar Binks into the dirt for spilling his soup on him.

For years fans wondered, “Did Quinlan Vos Survive Order 66?” and we finally got a canon answer in Obi-Wan. Yes, Quinlan Vos did in fact survive Order 66 and is currently helping smuggle younglings to safety. Leading me to believe we are about to see a whole lot more of him.

And not just in Kenobi.

Who is Quinlan Vos?

Quinlan Voss In The Phantom Menace

Quinlan Vos is a Kiffar Jedi Master from the prequel era who survived order 66 and eventually married former Nightsister, Jedi, Sith Apprentice, and Bounty Hunter Assaij Ventress.

But before Order 66 he was an important part of the Jedi order. But his journey to becoming a master was an odd one. First off, he was trained on his homeworld of Kiffu instead of the temple on Corsuscant as his people had planned on using his force powers to guard the planet for evil.

Some time later his aunt sacrificed his parents to Azanti vampires. And because of his unique force powers, Quinlan experienced their deaths in his mind as if he were there. Introducing a darkness in him that he would struggle to cope with during his time as a Jedi. He eventually trained more traditionally and took future Jedi Master Aayla Secura on as a Padawan himself.

Quinlan’s main use to the order was his ability and willingness to go undercover. His closeness to the darkside allowed him to push boundaries that other Jedi were unwilling to. Making him a believable agent undercover.

This would come at a cost though. Quinlan would break the tenants of the order and fell in love with Assaij Ventress. He would eventually succumb to the darkside and become an apprentice to Count Dooku for a time before being rehabilitated and restored in the order.

He was on Kashyyyk with Grand Master Yoda during order 66 and, much like Yoda, was able to escape. He spent the next few weeks hiding in the forests of Kashyyyk picking off the clone troopers searching for him one-by-one becoming an almost horror movie type slaughterer within their ranks. Eventually faking his own death to throw the clones off his scent.

Now we know that he spent his time after with the Partisans smuggle Jedi younglings who survived Order 66.

Quinlan Vos First Comic Appearance

Quinlan Vos’s first comic appearance is Star Wars 17 Emissaries to Malastare.

First Comic Appearance Quinlan Vos Star Wars 17 Dark Horse
First Comic Appearance Quinlan Vos Star Wars 17 Dark Horse – Ebay Listings

Quinlan Vos’s first comic cover appearance was Star Wars #19. This is also Aayla Secura’s first comic appearance. You can get a copy of Star Wars #19 on Ebay here.

Quinlan Vos First Comic

Will Quinlan Show Up Obi-Wan?

This is where things get interesting. I’m not sure. But the way they specifically call out his name in the way it was done one thing is clear to me… he’s showing up somewhere.

I think it’s possible we see him on Jabiim with the other force sensitive refugees.

It’s also possible he could play a role in Andor.

But I think its very likely he shows up in the Bad Batch this fall. In the trailer we see that they are likely on Kashyyyk as a wookiee that I believe is Chieftan Tarfful appears in the clip. We also see a youngling Wookiee Jedi named Gungi appear. Here are the dots that I am connecting.

  • The Bad Batch takes place shortly after Order 66
  • The Bad Batch will likely spend time on Kashyyyk, the home world of wookiees, based on the trailer.
  • Gungi is a wookiee youngling that somehow survived order 66.
  • Quinlan was on Kashyyyk when order 66 took place.
  • In legends Quinlan spent weeks hiding on the planet and then months there after faking his death.
  • Quinlan has been smuggling Jedi younglings to safety
  • Quinlan was featured often in the Clone Wars Series.

Certainly feels like we’ll get him saving Gungi in the show. Could be wrong but its a decent speculation idea based on what we’ve seen.

Big picture though the mention in Obi-Wan episode #3 is a clear indication that we have not seen the last of Quinlan. Thus, if you can find a good deal, I think Star Wars #17 by Dark Horse is a fantastic speculation play.

For light and life!

~Grand Admiral Babu Frik

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