Obi-Wan Episode 3 Carving Translation Turns Multiple “Legends” Jedi Into Canon

The 3rd episode of Obi-Wan aired this morning on Disney+ and in it we see a ton of carvings in Aurebesh on the walls in one particular room that need translating.

Aurebesh is the Star Wars version of the alphabet that is used to translate Galactic Basic Standard. Or English… with a cooler name. I spent some time this morning translating what I saw carved on the walls in the episode and what I found was eye opening to say the least.

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But before I go into details about what was carved on the walls in Obi-Wan episode three I want to let you know that if you have not seen the episode and don’t want to be spoiled then RUN AWAY!

obi wan spoilers

When Obi-Wan and Leia reach their destination they end up on the mining planet of Mapuzo. There after some run ins with the law they are rescued by Indira Varma’s character, Tala Durith, and taken to a secret building that is being used essentially as an underground railroad for force users… including Jedi who survived order 66.

In one of the rooms there we see a Jedi symbol surrounded by a bunch of names carved on the walls un Aurebesh.

While we don’t see this name, Kenobi immediately recognizes the name of Quinlan Vos and Tala confirms that the Kiffar Jedi has been helping them out in their efforts to protect force users from the empire.

This is the first canon proof that Quinlan survived order 66 and is a huge reveal as it opens up the possibilities that Quinlan could show up in future projects. Assuming he does not dies in this show I would not be shocked to see him in The Bad Batch and/or Andor.

Quinlan Vos first appeared in Star Wars 17 from Dark Horse. (Ebay)

But his name was not alone on the wall.

So that begs the question…

What was Carved on the Walls in Obi-Wan Episode 3? What Jedi also survived Order 66?

There were plenty of Jedi that made it out of Ordeer 66 alive. SOme masters, some padawans, and even younglings like our boy Gungi from The Bad Batch trailer.

The most interesting part for me? 3 of the names are Legend’s characters who are now being pulled into canon. No I won’t pretend to be the foremost expert on Legends but I do have some of the key details in this post for you.

Here’s what I found.

Caleb Dume aka Kanan Jarrus

Caleb Dume Obi Wan

I wanted to start with the one that makes the most sense but also was one of the more difficult to translate as I feel like it’s missing a letter in the scene from Obi-Wan. Then again it’s hard to see the carvings so I’ll forgive myself.

Caleb Dume is the birth name for Kanan Jarrus. As the only canon (before today) name on this list You probably know Kanan from being Ezra Bridger’s master in the hit animated show Star Wars Rebels.

I wont go too much into his backstory since so many know it. But if you are new to Kanan I suggest reading his comics. I’ll add some links below for you to check them out.

Jedi Master Djinn Altis

Obi Wan Episode 5 Aurebesh Translation

Djinn Altis is a Legends character who was a male human Jedi master that created his own splinter group of Jedi called the Altisian Jedi who were loyal to the Republic but did not agree with all of the restrictions of the main Jedi Order. They were allowed to have families and take on multiple apprentices at one.

The core difference between Djinn’s sect of Jedi was that he believed that Jedi should be encouraged to have attachments. Although he was considered a little kookoo by many, he was still able to rise to the rank of Jedi Master.

Although he participated in the Clone Wars with his acolytes, including missions with Anakin and Ahsoka, they were able to all survive order 66 because they did not work closely with Clones. Allowing them to go underground once the Jedi purge started.

From what I can tell Master Altis has never appeared in a comic. As of now his first appearance in any media is the Children of the Jedi novel from Del Rey in the mid-90s.

Roganda Ismaren

Obi Wan Episode 3 Aurebesh Translation

Roganda Ismaren is a Female former Jedi Initiate from Alderaan who, like Djinn Altis, first appears in the novel Children of the Jedi but has not appeared in comic form yet. This mention is her first canon mention. Her story is long… and very odd. But it opens up a TON of possibilities, I’ll give you the highlights here.

Roganda survived Order 66 by being smuggled with other young initiates with the help of Jedi Master Plett. But was eventually found by the Inquisitorious and taken into Imperial custody. She eventually grew into an adult woman and became one of Palpatine’s concubines. Which is a terribly unpleasant thought but a girl has to survive. She got pregnant, promoted to Emporers hand, and began grooming her son to be the heir to the empire. Her son eventually killed her.

Ok so I have no clue if they plan on tying this character into the current canon more. Her story doesn’t really fit what they have going on. Could just be an easter egg but fun all the same. You can get her full background here on Wookieepedia.

Valin Halcyon aka Hal Horn

Obi Wan Episode 3 Aurebesh Translation

Valin Halcyon is more commonly known as Hal Horn and first appeared in Star Wars Rogue Squadron #25 (Ebay). Another Legends character who is getting his first canon mention in the Kenobi show as a padawan who escaped the the same way Leia is.

Like Luke Skywalker, Valin was born a secret son of a Jedi Maser. His father was Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon. Unlike Luke Skywalker he had a real relationship with his father and eventually became his apprentice. Once his father died after the Clone Wars ( I assume during Order 66) he was adopted by his stepfather and given the surname Horn when his mother married.

From there the Correlian former Jedi Padawan became a CorSec officer and had a son, Corren Horn, who grew up to be a Force sensitive Rogue Sqaudron pilot.

This is also likely just an easter egg although we certainly could see Corran Horn show up in teh Rogue Squadron movie or in a series like Andor.

Let’s look at some options.

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All in all I cannot say I think most of these characters will have their stories told in live action. It is cool however to have their names brought back into canon

That’s all for now.

For light and life.

~Grand Admiral Frik

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