Hasbro Reveals Wal Mart and Target Exclusive Black Widow Marvel Legends Figures

Last week they revealed the deluxe Black Widow with all sorts of explosions and a figure stand. Now we get two different gray-scale flavors of exclusives. Give me gray jetpack Widow!


Hasbro Announce Marvel Legends Deluxe Black Widow White Costume Figure

Hasbro have announced a deluxe White Costume Black Widow Marvel Legends figure to coincide with the new movie out this year! The figure comes with tons of muzzle flare, blast and fire effects, electric effects, two pistols, six interchangeable hands total, a figure stand, and training hooks. Check out the official product images and pre-order links after the jump!

DrunkWooky Action Figure Review: Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Wave 1 The Thing, Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch

What’s up, Everywookiee! It’s DrunkWooky, continuing my way through the Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Wave 1! It’s been a fun little romp so far with Super Skrull, Doom, and She-Hulk! Today, I'm turning my attention to the original First Family of Marvel, the Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, Thing, the Fantastic Four!

Hasbro Announce and Pre-Orders Live: Black Widow Marvel Legends Wave 1

Disney, Marvel, and Hasbro are getting ready for the release of the new MCU Black Widow film dropping in May 2020 with a release of Marvel Legends Black Widow Wave 1. This wave includes Black Widow, Red Guardian, Winter Soldier, Spymaster, Taskmaster, Crossbones, and Yelena Belova and the Build-A-Figure is Crimson Dynamo. Nice and big like a BAF should be!

Hasbro Dortmund Comic Con Reveals: Marvel Legends Retro Storm and Stepford Cuckoos

This article contains affiliate links through which DrunkWooky.com may earn a commission. Learn more from our disclosure statement here. Hasbro were at Dortmund Comic Con in Germany this weekend and had some great Marvel and Star Wars reveals on Saturday. First up a new Storm Retro carded Legends figure, then a Walgreen's exclusive Stepford Cuckoos figure. … Continue reading Hasbro Dortmund Comic Con Reveals: Marvel Legends Retro Storm and Stepford Cuckoos