Star Wars Mandalorian #1 Store Exclusive Mega Thread | All Covers

Star Wars The Mandalorian #1 Comic Covers. Every Marvel cover and Store Exclusive

In February of this year we got word from that the comic world is getting an 8 part episode-by-episode adaption of The Mandalorian Season 1 in comic form. Meaning each of the eight comic issues would adapt the corresponding episode of the show into illustrated format.

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What made this exciting is that the Disney+ show introduced Star Wars fans to a ton of new characters in the show. Characters who will have an impact on the galaxy for years to come. Meaning this comic series will give us the first appearances of some of the most popular characters that Star Wars characters in traditional comic format.

With the first issue on July 6th we’ll be getting first appearances from Din Djarin (Mando), Grogu (Baby Yoda), Greef Karga, The Armorer, Kuiil, IG-11, Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, among others. From a first appearances standpoint the series will be a heavy hitter.

Because of that and because we know that Din and Grogu will appear in the first issue, interest in the book is high. Like… really high.

So much that cover artists and comic stores have been partnering up with Marvel for store exclusive covers like crazy. So much that it can be hard to keep track of. We’ve been posting ever cover we see on the drunkwooky instagram account but wanted to compile them all in one place.

This post is (hopefully) going to help. Below is every cover that we know of thus far. I will be updating this list as we get more releases, teasers, and reveals.

Also don’t forget to get your pre-orders in on TFAW before Monday’s FOC deadline.

Ok… let’s dive in…

Star Wars The Mandalorian #1

(W) Rodney Barnes (A) Georges Jeanty (CA) Adi Granov

•  The Mandalorian bounty hunter tracks a target for a well-paying, mysterious client.
•  Witness the introduction of Din Djarin and the first meeting between the Mandalorian and the Child!

In Shops: Jul 13, 2022


The Mandalorian #1 Yu Exclusive Variant

New Mandalorian #1 variant cover by the Leinel Francis Yu sold exclusively by FanExpo. No Grogu but I do like seeing more action shots on the covers.

You can get the Trade Dress for $15.00, Virgin for $25. They also have CGC 9.8 pre-orders starting at $100.

Nakayama Exclusive Variant (Big Time Collectibles)

The Mandalorian #1 Nakayama Exclusive Variant

New Mandalorian #1 variant cover by the great David Nakayama for Big TIme Collectibles featuring Mando firing off his wrist flame thrower. Nice to see some covers that are more than Din just walking away from a sunset.

You can get the Trade Dress for $14.99, Virgin for $29.99 and the set for $39.99. They also have CGC pre-order options.

Nakayama Exclusive Variant (Big Time Collectibles)

The Mandalorian #1 Yagawa/Cheng Exclusive Variant (Buy On Ebay)

Now this one is pretty. Our latest Exclusive is penciled by artist Rickie Yagawa and colored by Sebastian Cheng. Exclusively sold by Rebel Base Comics and Games through their ebay store and Instagram store.

This is a trade dress only cover and has a 3,000 print run. You can grab a copy for $19.99.

Yagawa Cheng Exclusive Variant (Rebel Base Comics & Games) – Buy on Ebay

The Mandalorian #1 Duursema Exclusive

Ok so here’s the deal with this one. The cover artist is the legendary Jan Duursema and it was created for ComicXposure. The moment it came out I got a bunch of messages telling me that this seller is not reliable. In full transparency though I have never bought from them. But I did take a look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) page and it’s not pretty.

However, I did notice that drewbiz (a reliable ebay seller) is also selling them at the same price as ComicXposure. Your choice. Again I have no personal experience with ComicXposure. Just sharing what I’ve been told.

The Mandalorian #1 Cummings Exclusive

We’ve got another store exclusive on the board with Steven Cummings for Modern Era Comics.

Trade Dress- 3000 Print Run – Regular price $24.95. Virgin Variant- 1000 Print Run – Regular price $34.95

Bundle will include both Trade dress and Virgin Covers for $49.99

Cummings Exclusive Variant (Modern Era Comics)

The Mandalorian #1 McCrea Exclusive

Next up is John McCrea’s cover for Ludicrous Speed Collectibles. One of the few covers at the moment with an action shot. I spoke with the owner on Facebook messenger. They are working on a new shopping cart site to buy but you can also buy right now on their Facebook page here. It’s a unique way of selling an exclusive but I don’t hate it.

**UPDATE** Here’s the direct link to buy from their site.

McCrea Exclusive Variant (Ludicrous Speed Collectibles Facebook Claim Sale)

The Mandalorian #1 Lee Exclusive

UK based shop (they ship to U.S.) Slab City Comics just launched their pre-order for this cover from Inhyuk Lee. You can get a Trade Dress for £11.95. The Virgin Bundle for £32.95 and CGC graded copies starting at £69.95.

Ross Exclusive Variant (Neighborhood Comics)

The Mandalorian #1 Ross Exclusive

Neighborhood Comics nabbed Luke Ross to do a pretty damn cool exclusive of the Mandalorian #1. One of my personal favorites. Thrade dress only for $14.99. You canalso get CGC graded copies and bundles of 10 or 25 books at a discount.

Ross Exclusive Variant (Neighborhood Comics)

The Mandalorian #1 Baldeon Exclusive

This variant from Rated Comics was created by cover artist David Baldeon. Limited to 3k printed and only includes a Trade Dress option. $30.

Baldeon Exclusive Variant (Rated Comics)

The Mandalorian #1 Kirkham Exclusive

The Tyler Kirkham Mando Exclusive is being sold at Frankies Comics and Unknown Comics. He said it was inspired from tattoo art. Trade dress is $15 and the Virgin is $30.

The Mandalorian #1 Lashley Exclusive

This fantastic Lashley cover is through Stadium Comics. Only Trade Dress available. 3000 printed at $14.99 a piece. One cool thing that Stadium is doing is including packages that include the retail incentive ration variants with this book for additional cost.

The Mandalorian #1 Mike Mayhew Exclusive

Next up is Mike Mayhew’s cover of the iconic moment when Din and Grogu first met. This cover will be sold on his online store as well as the stores listed below. The Trade Dress will be $20 with a Trade + Virgin set being $50. All shops will have signed and graded copies available as well.

The Mandalorian #1 Maleev Exclusive

Golden Apple Comics is offering this exclusive in two different formats. Trade Dress only for $20.00 and a Trade Dress Virgin Set for $45

Maleev Exclusive Variant (Golden Apple Comics)

The Mandalorian #1 Stephanie Hans Exclusive

This cover is by Stephanie Hans and is shared by multiple stores. It was the first to come out and the virgin cover is already already sold out. As far as I know you can still get the trade dress at most stores below. There are also graded and signed copies that may or may not still be in stock.

The Mandalorian #1 Dan Panosian Exclusive

Pharcyde Comics partnered with Dan Panosian to bring us this exclusive. You can get a Trade Dress for $19.

Star Wars The Mandalorian #1 Comic Variant Cover

And don’t forget about…

Star Wars The Mandalorian #2


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