Star Wars Jedi Survivor Trailer: Who Is In The Tank?

On Day 2 of Star Wars Celebration we got the official teaser for the much anticipated Star Wars Jedi Survivor game , sequel to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. The trailer shows the return of literal Jedi survivor Cal Kestis who survived Order 66 as a padawan before hiding from the Empire on the Junkyard Planet Bracca.

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While the teaser doesn’t tell us much about the plot we do learn a few important things about the game. First off it takes place 5 years after Fallen Order, the main antagonist appears to be a Pau’an (same species as Grand Inquisitor), the Inquisitors still seem to be invoved (unless there is a new sith), and Cal comes across a mysterious person submierged in what looks like a bacta tank in an abandoned facility.

The main question I keep seeing online since the release is… who’s in the tank?

First off, watch the teaser below and then let’s talk about who I think is in the bacta tank in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Who is in the bacta tank in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Trailer?

Ok let’s talk about what we know before I talk about who I think it is.

  • They have long blonde/white hair and appear to be male.
  • They have lines coming down their shoulders that appear to be veins. Almost as if their life was drained from them. On the flipside though they could just be body markings.
  • They are a big deal to Cal Kestis as its the climax of the trailer. The music combined with Cal staring in awe at the tank make me believe he knows who this is and it very surprised to see them (technically) alive.

Assuming it’s correct, the last point there is a telling one to me. The game is titled Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. While Cal Kestis is certainly a survivor as he survived Order 66, Inquisitors, and mf’ing Darth Vader, the title is likely meant to describe the theme of the game and not just Cal.

This makes me think the title is just as much about the person in the tank as it is Cal Kestis. Meaning, this would also be a Jedi that survived order 66. Someone that Cal likely thought was dead, explaining the awe he see from him.

Ok so based on my potentially poor analysis above… we’re looking for a male Jedi with long white or blonde hair who was either lost or considered dead after order 66. Someone who may have been resuscitated by Palaptine to use for cloning experiments.

Let’s look at some options.

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The Tenth Brother | Jedi Master Prosset Dibs

The Tenth Brother is the former Jedi Master and Clone Wars Veteran, Prosset Dibs, who lost faith in the Jedi Order after a mission on Hissrich.

He first appeared in Star Wars Mace Windu #1 (Ebay)

Prosset was a male Miraluka and like everyone in his species, he had no eyes and was blind. As of now, we cannot see if the person from the teaser has eyes or not. So we have a force sensitive former Jedi with hair that looks closely enough to the game character.

While having Inquisitors in the game is likely I am not sure Prosset works timeline wise. He was killed by his own purge troopers when they were prompted to execute order 66 by a Jedi that he was hunting.

He could certainly be alive at the time of this show but to me, the person in the tank is intended to have been there a long time. Almost forgotten. Prosset may have been too active to fit the bill. Still worth monitoring.

Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a

Kirak Infil’a is an absolute unit that first appeared in Darth Vader #2 (Ebay) from the 2017 run. That is considered by many a cameo with his first first full appearance being Star Wars Darth Vader #3.

Kirak was a Jedi Master who took the Barash Vow, isolating himself from the rest of the order to more deeply connect himself to the force and find his true purpose.

Darth Vader eventually tracked him down and killed him in battle. Kirak was known for being a complete badass before his vow and could potentially be being preserved by the Sith for further use in cloning or other experiments.

Not likely but he does have the look. May be a little too jacked though.

UPDATE: We’ve noticed something else interesting for Kirak that may be another clue as to who the jedi in the bacta tank is in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Teaser.

The two images below are from the teaser and then Vader’s vision from Star Wars Darth Vader #25 (2017).

If you look closely at the picture from the teaser you can see that one of two things is happening

  • There is a band on his left arm about halfway up his bicepts
  • Or his left arm is severed and we are seeing a cauterized wound.

I keep going back and forth between the two. But i’m leaning towards it being a band wrapped around his arm.

If you look a Kirak in any issue of the Darth Vader comics that he appears in you can see he has a black sleeve on his left arm that goes up to the exact spot we see the band at in the bacta tank. Could that sleeve be hiding a deformity on that arm? One that we’ll get to see in the Star Wars Jedi survivor game? Not sure. Still think it’s interesting. He also has scratches all over his body which could explain the vein looking lines on the man in the teaser.

Cin Drallig

Cin Drallig first appeared in Star Wars Kanan #8 (Ebay). Trained as Grand Master Yoda’s Padwan, Cin eventually became a Jedi Master who was considered one of, if not the, best swordsmen in the order.

So well renowned that he was appointed the order’s Battlemaster and Chief of Security. This put him in charge of the official saber training for younglings and head of the Temple Guard for temple security.

Despite being a big ole badass, he was cut down by Lord Vader aka Ani inside of the Jedi Temple during it’s siege during Order 66. Yoda and Kenobi watched his demise on holocam footage when they returned to the temple after Order 66 after Revenge of the Sith.

So like the others, he should be dead. But unlike the others, we would have been dead for a long time at this point. 10+ years. But, as I mentioned above, if you look at the screenshot of Cal looking into the tank from the Star Wars Jedi Survivor teaser, you can see that the room he is in is overgrown with plants and looks abandoned.

Leaving open the potential that he was taken by clones troopers or the Grand Inquisitor (who was on Cin’s temple guard team, to a facility to be kept alive. Potentially the cloning facility we see Nala Se get taken to in the Bad Batch to be used as a template for a potential force sensitive clone army.

First Appearance: Star Wars Kanan #8 (Ebay)

That’s where I am at right now. It could be any of those three or someone completely new.

Admittedly every former Jedi I mentioned would need to be saved after being considered dead at some point. Essentially preserving them barely alive.

I personally think that CIn Drallig would make the most sense based on the choices. He has ties to Vader and would be a big name to Cal Kestiss. Cal would have likely been trained by Cin. Cin’s death was specifically shown in the movies to show just how much more powerful Anakin had become since embracing the Dark Side. Dispatching one of the best warriors at the temple with ease.

Also I find his connection with the Grand Inquisitor compelling. We’ve seen from comics and the Rebels TV show that the Grand Inquisitor was on team Palpatine before Order 66. With the implication that he knew it was coming. It would not be out of the realm of possibility that he had orders to collect any surviving Jedi he could for experiments.

Interested to see where they go with this.

That’s all for now.

For light and life.

~Grand Admiral Frik

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