New Exclusive Variant By Derrick Chew For Doctor Aphra #36

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #36 Exclusive

Hello there friends! A new exclusive variant for Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #36 by Derrick Chew was just announced. It it’s virgin variant of the cover A, also by Derrick Chew, and will be limited to 400 copies sold.

This variant will be exclusively available by The Comic Corner!

The pre-sale goes live TODAY 9/8 at 8:00 P.M ET.

This is the link to use when it goes live.

Now, I don’t have a clue if this will be a key issue or not but I will say that I dig it. There are a ton of Aphra covers out there and this variant from Derrick Chew stands out as unique to me. And there really have not been many exclusives that feature our girl Chelli.

You can see the rest of the Dark Droids crossover issue variants here.

With the limited print I could be this being something Aphra fans want down the road. But who knows?

For light and life!

Grand Admiral Frik

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