Marvel Weighs in on Vernestra Rwoh’s First Comic Appearance!

Vernestra Rwoh First Comic Appearance

At Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 it was announced that fan favorite Jedi from the High Republic, Vernestra Rwoh, would be in the upcoming Disney+ show, The Acolyte.

Which, in true comic collector fashion, reignited the age-old question… what is Vernestra Rwoh’s first comic appearance?

The answer to that question is more complicated than you’d think it would be. As I mention in the post linked above, Vernestra Rwoh appears in multiple panels and is named in Star Wars: High Republic #2 (2021) leading many to call that her first appearance. But others call it a cameo appearance while crowning Star Wars: The High Republic #5 (2021) her first “full appearance” because she’s a larger part of the story.

It appears Marvel has picked a side of this argument.

In late June I noticed a new “Trick or Read” comic listed as Star Wars: The High Republic – Vernestra Rwoh #1 listed on the publisher’s websites. Marvel does a handful of reprints every year for Halloween for comic shops to give out to collectors and children who visit their shop for free. It’s just like Free Comic Book Day but it is in the fall and every comic has a Halloween logo on the cover.

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I had initially thought this was going to be a new one-shot to celebrate Vernestra’s graduation to live action but it became clear I was wrong when Michael Siglain, Creative Director at Lucasfilm Publishing, replied to a retweet of my post saying that the comic would be a reprint.

Well, we have confirmation that this “Trick or Read” variant will be a reprint of Phil Noto’s cover art for Star Wars: The High Republic #5 by Cavan Scott. And instead of it being called Star Wars: The High Republic – Vernestra Rwoh #1 or Star Wars: The High Republic #5 (2021) it’s titled, Star Wars: The High Republic – Attack of the Hutts #1.

Star Wars: The High Republic - Attack of the Hutts #1 Trick or Read Variant Marvel Comics 2023

The interesting thing about that cover is the badge they added to the left of Keeve Trennis’s head. It says, “The First Comics Appearance of Vernestra Rwoh.”

Regardless of what your thoughts are on her first appearance, Marvel has spoken. Since this is a reprint of Star Wars: The High Republic #5 (2021) the market will most likely follow that declaration.

So if you’re speculating on any comic prior to Verns appearance in The Acolyte, High Republic #5 will likely be the one to focus on.

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And look… regardless of how you feel about this it’s important to remember one thing…

You are allowed to value whatever you want however you want. If you want to collect Star Wars: High Republic #2 (2021) and call it her first appearance that is totally fine. But if you are buying multiple copies of a comic with plans on reselling them down the road, Star Wars: The High Republic #5 (2021) is probably your best bet.

Want to Help Me Start a New Halloween Tradition?

When I first saw this news a few months back, I reached out to my LCS, Altered State Comics in St. Louis, Missouri, and asked them if they would order me 60 copies to give away on on Halloween to trick-or-treaters.

Comic shops are offered bundles of 20 comics for just $5 so I proposed they let me buy them at cost (60 for $15) and in return, they could put a flyer in each one promoting their shop’s toys, Pokémon cards, comics, etc.

I would love to see more people do the same.

  1. It promotes comics as a whole by giving children and new readers a chance to experience the joys of comics for free.
  2. It exposes a whole new batch of Star Wars fans to the High Republic, which I personally very much enjoy.
  3. It gives my comic shop some free exposure by including a flyer about their shop. Hopefully getting them some new customers.
  4. It’s a relatively inexpensive way ($15) to provide something unique to trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood. (don’t worry, I’ll still have candy)

If you think this is a fun idea too, please reach out to your local LCS to see if they would be interested in participating. Chances are they will love the idea.

That’s all for today!

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