Star Wars: High Republic – Vernestra Rwoh #1 Coming This Halloween!

High Republic #5 (2021)

One of the biggest days of the year for comic fans, shops, and publishers is Free Comic Book Day. Publishers offer new comics dirt cheap for shops to give away to anyone who visits their shop and the day is typically full of discounts.

It’s like Black Friday in the spring for comics. But in a more positive, community-driven, way.

In recent years Marvel has replicated this event in the fall with their Halloween Trick-or-Read comics. It’s the same concept. Publishers offer special “Trick-or-Read” versions of comics for 25 cents each to give away to kids and customers who visit their shop the week of Halloween.

UPDATED: See the full Star Wats High Republic Comic Variant Checklist Here

Typically the comics offered are reprints of existing comics. For example last year Marvel offered a reprint variant of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1 (2020).

It appears this year will be different. A comic retailer shared this screenshot of their Penguin Random House retailer portal in the Department of Comics discord server that shows we are getting something called Star Wars: The High Republic – Vernestra Rwoh #1 as the Halloween Trick-or-Read book this year.

Star Wars: The High Republic - Vernestra Rwoh #1 as the Halloween Trick-or-Read book this year

Count me in for that! It’s impossible to know at the moment if this will be a one-shot or the first issue in an unannounced new series about Vernestra Rwoh. I’d imagine we’ll get an update on this soon enough.

Probably on the upcoming July 5th episode of The High Republic Show on the official Star Wars Youtube Channel. Where they will also be revealing the status of my favorite wookiee Jedi, Burryaga. #bringtheboyhome

Vernestra Rwoh is a fan favorite Jedi from Phase I of the High Republic who is also set to be played by actress, Rebecca Henderson, in Leslye Headland’s upcoming Disney Plus series, The Acolyte. The show is set to premiere at some point in 2024.

UPDATE #1 – The initial listing may have had a preliminary title

UPDATE #2: It appears this won’t be new content. But actually a reprint.

My best guess is that this will be a reprint of what many people call Vernestra Rwoh’s first appearance, Star Wars: The High Republic #5. It would make sense as well since the Hutts are a big part of that story.

Still cool but I wish it was a new story.

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Want to Help Me Start a New Halloween Tradition?

When I first saw this news:

A. I was excited to see that we were getting a Vernestra Rwoh focused story. She’s been more of a book character up to this point.

B. I thought, “this would be a fantastic thing to giveaway to kids on Halloween.”

So I reached to my LCS, Altered State Comics in St. Louis, Missouri, and asked them if they would order me 60 copies to give away on on Halloween to trick-or-treaters.

Comic shops are offered bundles of 20 comics for just $5 so I proposed they let me buy them at cost (60 for $15) and in return, they could put a flyer in each one promoting their shop’s toys, Pokémon cards, comics, etc.

I would love to see more people do the same.

  1. It promotes comics as a whole by giving children and new readers a chance to experience the joys of comics for free.
  2. It exposes a whole new batch of Star Wars fans to the High Republic, which I personally very much enjoy.
  3. It gives my comic shop some free exposure by including a flyer about their shop. Hopefully getting them some new customers.
  4. It’s a relatively inexpensive way ($15) to provide something unique to trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood. (don’t worry, I’ll still have candy)

If you think this is a fun idea too, please reach out to your local LCS to see if they would be interested in participating. Chances are they will love the idea.

That’s all for today!

Grand Admiral Frik

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