Star Wars Ahsoka Episode 5 Getting A Theatrical Screening in 10 Cities

Star Wars Ahsoka Episode 5 Getting A Theatrical Screening in 10 Cities

With episode 4 of the Star Wars: Ahsoka Disney+ show in the books hype for this series appears to have reached an all time high. I’m sure some people out there didn’t like it (nothing is universally loved) but all of the chatter I’ve seen has been overwhelmingly positive.

My initial reaction was 10/10. And nothing has caused me to back down from that.

It comes at the perfect time too. Episode 4, directed by Peter Ramsey, marks the halfway point and sets up a ton of interesting storylines going into the final 4 episodes.

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And today I saw that the 5th episode of Ahsoka will be getting a theatrical screening in 10 cities. This episode has long been circled by fans as a cornerstone episode because it is directed by Dave Filoni himself and is rumored to be jam packed with significant lore and story altering elements. A lot for this comes from leaks that have been pretty damn accurate so far, but since not everyone will want spoilers, I’ll leave it at that for now.

If you want to attend one of these screenings you’ll need to lock in your passes quickly as it’s limited to one theater per city as far as I can tell.

You can see the screening locations here.

UPDATE: There is a also an early screening in London sponsored by Empire Magazine. Details here.

As for the rest of the season, here’s who’s been tapped to direct:

  • Jennifer Getzinger (Daredevil, Westworld) will direct episode 6
  • Geeta Vasant Patel will direct episode 7
  • and Rick Famyyiwa (The Mandalorian) will direct episode 8

The first half of this season has been a fun ride that has been elevated significantly by the 4th episode. I’m genuinely pretty positive about the shows. I love the universe that Star Wars plays in so even if a show doesnt nail it for me, I typically still enjoy it.

With that being said I cant remember the last time I’ve been this excited going into the 2nd half of a Star Wars Disney+ show.

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Now… bring. the boys. home.

Can’t wait to see Ezra and Thrawn again.

Grand Admiral Frik

Babu Frik Thrawn

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