New Star Wars Comics & Books For November 22nd, 2023

New Star Wars Comics & Books For November 22nd, 2023

Welcome to the weekly new Star Wars comics post where I break down all-new comics & books coming out next week, November 22nd, 2023. As all Star Wars comics with a final order cutoff next Monday, November 20th!

Let’s do it.

UPDATED: Star Wars The High Republic Phase Three Reading Order & Comic Checklist

Star Wars Hyperspace Stories #11 by Michael Moreci and Andrea Mutti – The is the 2nd to last issue of this 12 part series from Dark Horse comics. While the first few issues were kind of slow I feel it’s really picked up since issue #4 and I’ve really enjoyed this series. This issue will be about Mace Windu and Yoda fighting the Seperatists. I’m genuinely looking forward to figuring out what the hell is going on with that Wookiee stuffie and why force users are so obsessed with it.

The Mandalorian Season Two – Part One Vol 3 TPB – This is the first trade paperback for the season two comic adaptation of The Mandalorian and collects issues #1-4.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #40 by Ethan Sacks and Davide Tinto – With Bounty Hunters coming to an end with Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #42 I’m interested to see what happens with the current cast of characters. I’d imagine that some will die but of those who survive, will they be added to another existing series?

UPDATE: All New Star Wars Comics Announced For February 2024

Star Wars: Dark Droids – D-Squad #3 by Marc Guggenheim and Salva Espin – The return of R2-D2’s girlfriend QT-KT! QT-KT was originally in the Clone Wars and is a pink astromech that used to belong to Aayla Secura. And R2 has a thing for her. It’s ridiculous. But in a good way. Her first appearance is in Star Wars Adventures #12 (2020). This issue is where the D-Quad finally fully teams up to take on the Scourge instead of fighting each other. I love both the John Tyler Christopher Action figure with BT-1 and the Reilly variant with QT-KT.

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Star Wars comics with an FOC deadline this upcoming Monday, November 20th, are:

  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 #7 (Mando removes his helmet in front of Migs Mayfeld)
  • Star Wars: The High Republic Shadows of Starlight #4 (Love the Takashi Okazaki and Rahzzah variants with Marchion Ro)
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader #42 (First appearance of Enric Pryde)
  • Star Wars: Dark Droids #5 (the final issue of the Dark Droids crossover!)

Check out everything new coming up (including all variants) below and get your pre-orders in over at TFAW or here over The Comic Corner.

Quick Shortcuts: (not just Star Wars)

Star Wars: Dark Droids – D-Squad #3


(W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Salva Espin (CA) Aaron Kuder

R2-D2 continues to assemble his new D-SQUAD to fight the deadly DROID SCOURGE! Now R2-D2 is looking for a way to help his friend C-3PO…but does he find LOVE instead? Featuring the return of QT-KT!
Rated T

In Shops: Nov 22, 2023

SRP: $4.99


Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #11


(W) Michael Moreci (A) Andrea Mutti (CA) Tom Fowler

Jedi masters Yoda and Mace Windu escort a Republic delegation to an archaeological dig, rumored to be the site of a cache of ancient Jedi artifacts. But the lure of the Force is strong, and it’s not long before the party comes under attack by marauders intent on taking the relics for themselves, even if they have to go through two Jedi to do it!

In Shops: Nov 22, 2023

SRP: $3.99


Star Wars The Mandalorian Season Two Part One Trade Paperback


(W) Rodney Barnes (A) Georges Jeanty (CA) Stephanie Hans

The comic-book adaptation of the hit series continues! The Mandalorian continues his long journey with Grogu, trying to return the child to the Jedi – but the galaxy is a dangerous place in the wake of the Galactic Empire’s collapse, and new enemies lurk on every planet. Thankfully, allies both familiar and unexpected will aid them on their travels! But is there another Mandalorian operating on Tatooine? Can Din Djarin grant safe passage for a Frog Lady and her precious eggs, with an ever-hungry Grogu on board? And can they both survive encounters with remnants of Imperial forces, spider-like creatures and a krayt dragon? Plus, what secrets does the child hold?

COLLECTING: Star Wars The Mandalorian 2 (2023) 1-4

Rated T

In Shops: Nov 22, 2023

SRP: $24.99

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Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2 Part One Trade Paperback

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #40


(W) Sacks, Ethan (A) Davide Tinto (CA) Marco Checchetto

The Galaxy’s deadliest BOUNTY HUNTERS must stop a corrupted VALANCE! Even if it means his death!!! ENEMIES become desperate ALLIES! And who is the wolf in the fold in the BOUNTY HUNTERS’ MIDST?
Rated T

In Shops: Nov 22, 2023

SRP: $4.99


Star Wars Comic Book FOC Deadlines

For those who aren’t familiar, FOC, or Final Order Cut Off, is when publishers and distributors require retailers to get their orders in. Printers then print according to that number (sometimes with overages). So, if you want to absolutely guarantee you get a book, the best bet is to order it before FOC. Final Order Cut Off is Monday 11/20/23 this week.

Star Wars: The High Republic Shadows of Starlight #4 Phase III


(W) Charles Soule (A) Jethro Morales (CA) Phil Noto

MARCHION RO WINS! The final glimpse of the lost year of THE HIGH REPUBLIC is revealed, as we follow the EYE OF THE STORM himself, MARCHION RO, from his greatest triumph – the destruction of the JEDI fortress known as STARLIGHT BEACON – to the many trials that came after!

Rated T

In shops: Jan 03, 2024

SRP: $4.99


Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 #7


(W) Rodney Barnes (A) Georges Jeanty (CA) Miguel Mercado

To move against THE EMPIRE, THE MANDALORIAN needs the help of an old enemy. The stage is set with BOBA FETT and FENNEC SHAND as MIGS MAYFELD returns!
Rated T

In Shops: Dec 27, 2023

SRP: $4.99


Star Wars: Dark Droids #5


(W) Charles Soule (A) Luke Ross (CA) Leinil Yu

The final triumph of THE SCOURGE! How can THE REBELLION & THE EMPIRE combat such a threat? UNLIKELY ALLIES join forces to fight the greater evil invading the galaxy! And what is the final fate of warrior droid Ajax Sigma?
Rated T

In Shops: Dec 27, 2023

SRP: $4.99


Star Wars: Darth Vader #42


(W) Greg Pak (A) Adam Gorham (CA) Leinil Yu

In the wake of DARK DROIDS, DARTH VADER explores his powers and takes on the most dangerous team of rebel heroes he’s ever faced! Meanwhile, the greatest threat to the EMPEROR’S rule is rising – from within THE EMPIRE itself! Will the DARK LORD OF THE SITH destroy it – or join it? Featuring the comic-book debut of ENRIC PRYDE from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!   

Rated T

In Shops: Jan 03, 2024

SRP: $4.99


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