Star Wars Slid Into My DMs About This Life Day Comic

Star Wars Life Day Comic All Details That I Know.

First off I want to say Happy Life Day to all my Wookiees out there. I’ve gotten an abnormal amount of super nice messages on Twitter and Instagram lately from people who love this site and the content I share out on social media. It means the world to me. This site is fun to manage and I’m glad you guys and gals keep coming back and I’m not wasting my time. 🙂

Speaking of Life Day… earlier today @CBSI, @ComicbookExclusives, and @mellow_fellow_trading (they’re all part of the same organization) posted about a new variant from Phil Noto for Star Wars: Life Day #1 that is limited to 1,000 that was produced by Lucasfilm Consumer Products.

Star Wars: Life Day #1 initially came out last year and includes the first appearance of Jedi Knight Burryaga Agaburry. He’s a Wookiee. He’s a Jedi. He’s a beast. And I love him. Since that came out last year, this would be considered a reprint.

I’ve been trying to track down details on this thing for a while today. So stay with me as I ramble about what I figured out and how.

UPDATE: See all new Star Wars comics coming out next week

At this point, no one I chatted with knew where to actually get the comic. Mellow fellow from the Instagram post above mentioned that they may be dropped from the @StarWarsLife Instagram account. Which, unless I’ve been wrong all this time, is an extension of the marketing department at Disney.

This was confirmed by one of their team members Lauren on Twitter.

From what I can tell this variant is not a standard exclusive that is being sold by one single shop. It appears to be a “Lucasfilm” or “Disney” exclusive. And that they are going to be sending some to shops and accounts to sell and giveaway.

And then check this shit out. I got a DM from the mothership, @StarWars, on Twitter…

My eyes bugged out when I saw that. Aside from it just being very cool for me personally it also confirms (in my head anyway) that this comic will not have a traditional rollout. Instead, they will be giving it out to stores, accounts, and fans who’ve supported The High Republic.

But that’s all I know at the moment. I asked them for two in the hopes of doing a giveaway on Instagram.

Fingers crossed.

Also here’s the cover art if you need it for anything.

Star Wars: Life Day #1 Phil Noto Life Day Variant Reprint

For Light and Life Day my friends.

Grand Admiral Babu

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