The First High Republic Comic Characters Will Be On Disney+ This Year!


In Cavan Scott’s latest newsletter entry he makes the announcement that he is now writing for the Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Disney+ children’s show that takes place in the High Republic Era. An era that he alongside, Daniel Jose Older, Charles Soule, Justina Ireland, and Claudia Gray, created back in 2020.

Young Jedi Adventures currently has roughly half of season #1 already up on Disney+, 13 episodes, with the remaining 12 starting to be released weekly starting in early November.

But the most exciting announcement was that High Republic characters from the books and novels are being added into the show! We also have a better idea of when in the High Republic era timeline that this show takes place.

Let’s dive in.

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In the exclusive piece by IGN we were treated with a few stills from the 2nd half of season one that included important characters from the High Republic publishing initiative.

Here’s what we know right now…

Estala Maru, Loden Greatstorm, Bell Zettifar, and Ember Will Be In The Young Jedi Adventures Show!

In the stills provided by Lucasfilm/Disney we get confirmation that 3 Jedi and a good boy from the Star Wars: High Republic comics and books will be making their TV first appearances later this year on the show.

Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm and his Padawan (at the time) Bell Zettifar will be appearing in the show. This is significant because they are some of the most prominent characters from Phase I of the High Republic and both have been fan favorites.

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Bell and Ember High Republic Loden Greatstorm

They’re not alone either. Bell’s best friend/pet Ember, a Charhound, will also be appearing in the show with Bell and Loden.

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Bell and Ember High Republic

All three of Bell, Loden, and Ember’s comic appearances are in the Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Annual #1 all-ages comic one-shot by IDW Comics from December 2021. There are a couple of very cool variants for that issue. The rarest being the online exclusive variant from IDW directly that only has a few hundred printed.

The Lam and Harvey Exclusive variants are first covers of Bell Zettifar, Loden Greatstorm and/or Ember as well. And finally, the cover B includes the first cover of Jedi Master Porter Engle.

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We also get our first look at Jedi Master Estala Maru on screen!

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Estala Maru

Estala served as Head of Operations under Marshal and Jedi Master and Marshal of Starlight Beacon, Avar Kriss. Estala appearing makes it very likely to me that Avar Kriss will also be in the show. Very exciting. She’s one of the most dynamic Jedi characters in all of Star Wars for me.

A shining light at how Jedi should act who starts to find out that she’s also not perfect and under duress is not above showing signs of darkness.

Both Estala Maru and Avar Kriss first appear in comics in Star Wars: The High Republic #1 (2021) by Cavan Scott from Phase I.

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Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Takes Place Just Before Phase I of the High Republic

How do we know this? Due to the appearance of Starlight Beacon and Loden Greatstorm. You can see Kai, Nash, and RJ-83 pulling up to Starlight Beacon in one of the promotional images provided by Lucasfilm.

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Starlight Beacon High Republic

This is likely where the crew meets Estala Maru and (likely in my opinion) Avar Kriss. Technically this COULD be taking place DURING Phase I of the High Republic but I don’t think that story will play into this due to the shear magnitude of death and tragedy that come with it.

What Other Characters Are Likely to Appear?

The presence of Starlight Beacon in the show will inevitably mean that more comic and book characters will being included. And this quote by Cavan Scott gives us a clue…

And more characters from the initiative are on the way, including one Ario Anindito and I created for the original Star War: The High Republic Marvel run!

Cavan Scott (Newsletter)

This means Keeve Trennis is 100% being included in the show. No doubt in my mind. It’s a character that Cavan and Ario created together and the main character of the 2021 Marvel run.

I also think it’s likely that we see Elzar Mann, Vernestra Rwoh (who will also be in The Acolyte), Stellan Gios, Sskeer, and possibly Imri Canteros among others.

Most of those characters appear in the first 2 issue of the Star Wars Marvel run by Cavan Scott.

Who do you want to see appear in the show? Let me know over on Instagram here.

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