Star Wars: A Disturbance In The Force Book by Steve Kozak Coming This November!

On November 15, 2023 a new behind-the-scenes book about the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special from Applause Books will be coming to a galaxy near you.

Written by Author & Filmmaker Steve Kozak, this book will give fans an inside look at why and how the Star Wars Holiday Special happened and takes a deep dive into how it became a sort of ‘inside joke’ for Star Wars fans.

Here are the details:

Star Wars: A Disturbance in the Force – How and Why the Star Wars Holiday Special Happened

Bea Arthur as the owner of the Mos Eisley Cantina. Long scenes entirely of Wookies bleating at each other, without subtitles. Harvey Korman, in drag, as a four-armed Space Julia Child. Six minutes of Jefferson Starship performing for Art Carney and a bored Imperial Guard. Mark Hamill, fresh from his near-fatal motorcycle accident, slathered in pancake makeup.

Even by the standards of the 1970s, the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special is a peerlessly cringeworthy pop-culture artifact. Just how on earth did this thing ever see the light of day? To answer that question, as Steven Kozak shows in this fascinating and often hilarious inside look into the making of the Special, you have to understand the cultural moment in which it appeared-a long, long time ago when cheesy variety shows were a staple of network television and Star Wars was not yet the billion-dollar multimedia behemoth that it is today.

Packed with memorable anecdotes, drawing on extensive new interviews with countless people involved in the production, and told with mingled affection and bewilderment, this never-before-told story gives a fascinating look at a strange moment in pop-culture history that remains an object of fascination even today.

Pre-order here if you want one

The appears to be the print version of the Steve Kozak and Jeremy Coon’s documentary, which shares the same name, that aired for the first time at SXSW 2023 earlier this year and got pretty solid reviews from those in attendance.

(not that reviews matter. we’re all adults and should come up with our own opinions)

The documentary is the same concept as the book. It includes behind the scenes details and interviews from cast members, media, and celebrities about their thoughts on the project.

Here’s a trailer if you’re unfamiliar…

According to the documentary is supposed to his theaters later this year but so far no official release date.

As someone who’s not super well versed in the lore around the Star Wars Holiday Special I’m excited for both the book and the theatrical release. I mean I’ve watched it, it’s terrible, but I know there are a ton of fun behind the scenes stories about this special and I’m looking forward to learning more.

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