Is the the Inquisitor in the Ahsoka show named Marrok? Maybe.

Marrok Star Wars

Quick mid-day post for you guys/gals.

Earlier today I made a post on Twitter and Threads about why I dont think the Inquisitor in Ahsoka is Barriss Offee as I’ve seen so many people predict over the last few weeks.

Here’s my rationale…

I don’t think Dave Filoni would bring back Barriss after all of this time just to kill her off in a cameo battle with Ahsoka Tano. There’s too much history there and its been too long to write her off that way. Barriss framing Ahsoka kicked off all of the events that lead her to leaving the Jedi Order.

Barriss Offee Ahsoka Star Wars

Honestly, Barriss is the reason Ahsoka is alive and far away from the events of Order 66. She’s too big of a character to kill off like that in my opinion and I don’t see a place for her in the overall plot of the upcoming Ahsoka series based on the trailers.

To me, the story is being set up as Baylon vs. Ahsoka and Shin vs. Sabine in a race to find Thrawn and Ezra Bridger.

I do think we see Barriss Offee again but I think it’s more likely to be in a subsequent season of Ahsoka or in the upcoming Dave Filoni movie.

So who is it? My first guess was Shin disguised as an inquisitor to draw Ahsoka out so she can eliminate her and stop her from meddling with their plans to bring Thrawn back.

It appears that I may be wrong in the prediction. After I shared my thoughts on social media I hopped on to reddit and saw that one user notices some interesting details in an official image of the Inquisitor on Getty Images.

The image is titled Marrok and even includes the stunt actor, Paul Barnell, in the metadata for the image.

The only Marrok that I know of in Star Wars at the moment is the Bounty Hunter Embo’s dog. It’s obviously not the dog (it’s not really a dog but it basically is) in the suit and I don’t think it’s Embo either. He was pardoned by the New Republic in the Aftermath books for rescuing Jas Emari with the help of Dengar and Jeeta. If none of that makes sense to you go read Aftermath.

So who is it?

I don’t know.

But since the stunt actor is a man I would expect the character to be male as well. If you put a gun to my head I would say that Marrok is likely a placeholder name given to the person pulling out the still images from the trailer.

I wish I had a better guess at the moment but right now it’s just interesting conversation fodder for Star Wars fans to overanalyze.

Grand Admiral Frik

One thought on “Is the the Inquisitor in the Ahsoka show named Marrok? Maybe.

  1. Admiral, I do not think this character will live very long. Ahsoka probably cuts him clean in half.

    I feel that the inquisitor is very skilled. But not Ahsoka level. By the way, for fans who do not know this. Dave Filoni has stated that Ahsoka Tano is Mace Windu level of power. He said that she and Luke are about equals.

    This would indicate that both Ahsoka and Luke is extremally strong not far from Yoda level of power.

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