Bowmans Green Publishing French Star Wars Comic Cover Anthology

Bowmans Green, a fantastic outfit from the UK who focus on the celebration of vintage Marvel Star Wars Comics in every way, are producing a hardcover book reprinting all of Titans’ vintage French comic book covers!

The pre-order starts this week (6/19/2023) over at Bowmans Green!

From Bowmans Green:

During the 1980’s, TITANS comic book reprinted the Marvel Star Wars comic series for French readers. Instead of using existing cover art from the US editions, they commissioned Jean Frisano to create new covers for that month’s storyline.
Presented in this volume are all of the covers that were produced, painstakingly restored and colour corrected from the original comics. As a bonus, additional content from the comic, such as quizzes, interviews, interior art and competitions is included.
Features an avant-propos by Thierry Mornet.

As a special pre-order gift, you will receive an exclusive LUG sticker,

Hardcover. 72 illustrated pages. French text. 26cm x 13cm.

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