PREVIEW: Familiar Faces (and Helmets) Return In Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #35

Star Wars Bounty Hunters 35 Preview

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #35 comes out this week and features the return of some familiar bounty hunters, smuggers, and assassins from past comics.

In the 5 page preview provided by Marvel, we see T’onga meeting with Khel Tanna (from Han Solo and Chewbacca) at the Bounty Hunters Guild Social Club to rent her ship. It appears she’s on a mission to save Beilert Valance from himself and needs a new ship to do it.

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We do get a new character reveal as well. Khel Tanna’s “assistant” and shapeshifter, Catak, shapeshifts into a Twilek to start a bar fight. Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #35 is the first appearance of Catak in comics.

The chaos from he bar fight pulls two other fan favorite characters into the story, Death Stick and Durge, who promptly handle the bar fight like the elite fighters they are. Personally I can’t get enough of those two.

While he’s not in the preview, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #35 will also be Boba Fett’s return to Star Wars comics. The last we saw of Boba was the finale of Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters.

Looking forward to this new crew. I’ve been critical of this series as of late but all of the ingredients are there for an insane arc.

Very cool variants too. I personally like Checchetto’s Cover A the best but the Durge and Boba Fett variants. Also the Werneck pride variant featuring Domina Tagge may be my favorite pride variant of all time.

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Check out the full preview below.

Keep it real everywookiee.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #35


(W) Sacks, Ethan (A) Lan Medina (CA) Marco Checchetto

A NEW ERA FOR THE BOUNTY HUNTERS! In the aftermath of the battle with INFERNO SQUAD, VALANCE and T’ONGA are joined by the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy… KHEL TANNA! DEATHSTICK! DURGE!
…and BOBA FETT?!
Rated T

In Shops: Jun 21, 2023

SRP: $3.99


Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #35 Official Preview

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