SPOILERS: Star Wars 26 Could Be A Key Issue (shhh I got it early)

Star Wars 26 from Charles Soule key

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I just so happened to get my hands on Star Wars #26 by Charles Soule almost a week early and there some very interesting things going on including a ton of first appearances.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

Marvel Star Wars 26

(W) Charles Soule (A) Andres Genolet (CA) E.M. Gist

THE PATH TO VICTORY! The Rebel Fleet is reunited at last, and Leia Organa, Mon Mothma and the other Alliance leaders send a strong message to the galaxy that the resistance to Palpatine’s rule remains as strong as ever. Meanwhile, Lady Qi’ra of Crimson Dawn has activated her sleeper agents across the galaxy, instructing them to cause chaos for the Empire by any means necessary!


In Shops: August 17, 2022

SRP: $3.99

We start off with some Imperial Officers and crowds on planet Bar’leth for a wonderful event called Imperial Unity day as the Empire parades their walkers as a show of force disguised as a celebration.

Lead by Wedge, Lando, and Chewy the Rebels stop by to ruin the day by destroying all of the Imperial weapons while the entire galaxy watches on the Holonet. This is their first victory since the Battle of Hoth. They retreat before the Empire has a chance to return fire. They’ve let the entire galaxy watch them attack the Empire and get away with it.

We then see the Bar’leth aristocracy giving the the commanding Officer, General Palton, the business. Criticizing him for not protecting them since that is what the Empire had promised in return for obedience, protection. This is planting the seeds that the galaxy does not need the Empire’s protection because the Empire is not capaple of protecting them. This issue is Secretary Osrund, Amdassador Givens, and General Palton’s first appearance.

Back with the Rebel fleet, Evaan gets drunk and convinces Luke to whip out his big ole’ lightsaber. The Rebels see Luke and his Lightsaber as a sign of hope. His presence makes them feel safe. Evaan is an Alderaanian pilot that first appeared in Princess Leia #1.

Next we get a leadership meeting between Mon Montha, Leia Organa, Admiral Ackbar, Commodore Grek, and Hera Syndulla! They discuss the victory and how they need to reestablish their supply lines. Leia say’s her girl Qi’ra is going to take care of that. Mon Mothma agrees to work with Crimson Dawn.

On this page we get the first comic appearance of Moff Jerjerrod and Major Sharin. Moff Jerjerrod originally appeared in Return of the Jedi where he was overseeing the construction of the 2nd Death Star.

UPDATE: It appears Jerjerrod also appears in Star Wars Return of the Jedi #1 from the 80s. It’s interesting that he’s called “Commander” instead of “Moff” though. Regardless, of title there is no reason to believe its a different character so the Return of the Jedi adaptation should be considered his First Appearance in my opinion.

Moff Jerjerrod First Appearance

We also get a first appearance of a Lieutenant Melton here who is in charge of security protocols on the new Death Star. (you had one job, buddy)

This is where things get really interesting. One of the supervisors in charge of bringing in supplies a woman named Beverly aka Bev and her Husband Jon also works there and does some sort of data work. The thing is that Jon is actually the nephew of the Leader of Crimson Dawn, Qi’ra. It’s revealed that Qi’ra has a big plan for the two of them and they need to cause trouble. This is both of their first appearances.

Eventually Major Sharin finishes her investigation and gives Moff Jerjerrod her approval. He runs a tight ship and they are following protocol. So she decides to head out.

Unfortunately for her both Jon and Bev have highjacked their ship. Bev then attacks her eventually snapping Major Sharin’s neck. After we get the reveal that Jon and Bev have kids and she essentially had them shield their eyes while she murdered someone. Brutal stuff.

The final page shows Jon and Bev escaping in a Lambda class imperial shuttle.

What an issue! I loved it. From a speculation stand point it’s a pretty interesting books. There are EIGHT names first appearances.

  • First Appearance of General Palton
  • First Appearance of Ambassador Givens
  • First Appearance of Secretary Osrund
  • First Appearance of Major Sharin
  • First Appearance of Moff Jerjerrod Correction: Moff Jerjerrod actually first appeared in a comic in the 1983 issue of Star Wars The Return of the Jedi #1 as Commander Jerjerrod.
  • First Appearance of Lieutenant Melton
  • First Appearance of Beverly
  • First Appearance of Jon
  • It’s also technically the first appearance of their children.

I am really excited to see where they go next. You have to the think we are going to get the origin story of this line spoken by Mon Mothma in Rogue One.

Hope you enjoyed this breakdown. More coming soon.

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