ComicBookExclusives Announces New Obi-Wan & Vader Store Exclusive Dates

A couple of days ago ComicBookExclusives shared on Instagram that they have a new store exclusive going on sale this May 4th for Obi Wan #1 on WhatNot.

The cover is by the great Tyler Kirkham and features an unknown (to me at least) character in the background. Unless I am missing something obvious this appears to be that characters first cover appearance. I will let you guys and gals know who it is as soon as I know.

The only bummer is that this cover appears to only be available to purchase on their WhatNot page stream.

If you don’t use WhatNot it’s essentially a livestream auction app where you can bid on books in real time. Similar to an auction in a fantasy sports draft. Or, I guess, any auction in real life.

You can create an account here and if you use this link we both get $10 when/if you make your own purchase.

ComicBookExclusives Darth Vader #22 Also Goes on Sale May 29th, 2022

The Obi-Wan cover was not their only announcement. CBE also posted that they will have an exclusive E.M. Gist cover for Darth Vader #22. I’m a sucker for Vader’s castle so even though I do not believe (may be wrong) this will be a key…

I’m probably going to grab one anyway for fun.

Same deal as the Obi Wan #1 cover. This will only be available on their WhatNot streams.

Which is fine…

Though I would rather just buy from a site without having to deal with the app.

Get $10 free using this link when making your first purchase on WhatNot.

That’s all for now.

For light and life.

~ Grand Admiral Frik

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