Not a Prototype! Episode 6: Funko Pop! Star Wars: Boba Fett (Animated) Gamestop Exclusive + Giveaway

GIVEAWAY: Hey, readers! Stay tuned to the bottom of the article for instructions and rules on how to enter and win a free Pop! Boba Fett (Animated) Gamestop Exclusive.

It’s DrunkWooky here, welcoming you back to OTC’s recurring column: Not a Prototype! Today, I’m tossing up some quick pics of the newly released Funko Pop! Star Wars: Boba Fett (Animated) Exclusive Funko Pop!

This vinyl figure is still available for order through Gamestop.

If you want to up your Boba Fett Pop! collection game, the Amazon Green Chrome Boba Fett and the Star Wars Celebration shared Chrome exclusive are also both available still. Links:

We have all preordered figures and other collectibles from high-end (or, hey, even low-end) manufacturers. We wait and wait for months on end for this little beauty of tiny scale and expensive licensing to arrive. Then, finally, the day comes! The box is on your doorstep. You’ve been ogling the manufacturer glamour shots of the prototype for months on end. You crack the box and…

Does it look like the prototype pictured in the glamour shots? This post isn’t so much a review as quick first impressions.

Before I get into the figures itself, kudos are due to Gamestop. Check out this great shipping job. Two individual cardboard boxes perfectly sized for the Funko figures inside, with a air bag between the two. I can report no box damage on this shipment. Nice to see this type of care on a $30.00 purchase.

So, first, Funko’s digital prototype mock up:

What’s always strange to me is that Funko gets away with showing digital mock ups to consumers where other manufacturers release actual photos of prototypes at least. Maybe the stakes are just low enough on Funko Pops that people don’t mind risking $10-$11 at retail to pre-order based on a digital rendering.

Anyway, this digital rendering gave me hope for the figure because it was simple enough that there was really not much to poorly execute. As I’ve said before, Funko usually get into trouble when they try to stuff too much tiny detail onto these figures’ 5 inch frame.

Entertainment Earth

All the elements of Boba Fett are presented in bright, bold colors and they all appear in block colors-not a lot of shading and minimal detail. That’s not necessarilly a bad thing. Keep in mind that Funko is trying to represent Boba Fett from the ill-informed Star Wars Holiday Special:

The 1978 Holiday Special was arguably Boba Fett’s first appearance and boy did he come in on a strange note. He’s riding come sort of space dinosaur, wielding what has become known as the electro-pole, and clad in blue pastel armor.

It’s a quirky part of Star Wars history, and one that Lucas himself would rather forget.


Straight-forward Funko packaging with straightforward white packaging. They probably could have done something more creative, like using the somewhat unique green and blue hues from the Holiday Special on the box, but that would have just been above and beyond. Packing is nothing special, but no complaints really.

You’ll notice I’m posing Funko Boba next to Hot Toys Animated Debut Boba. I just love juxtaposing these two ends of the scale. Ultra realistic and detailed versus abstract and intentionally deformed; $11.99 range versus $200+ range.

Sculpt and Paint

At first glance, this looks like just another re-use of the old Boba Fett mold, and with regards to the head, I think that’s so. The range finder and forehead ding look to be identical to old Fetts. However, when you get down to the body, there are quite a few differences telling you that Funko actually thought about this figure as more than just a repaint. We’ll use the latest SDCC Chrome Green Boba for an example of the latest Boba Fett mold:

First, the wookiee hair tassles over Animated Boba’s shoulder are one large matte of hair rather than two individual strands. Second, the torso armor is simpler on Animated Boba to match the Holiday Special. Third, the cape is a completely different shape and flung over Animated Boba’s right shoulder, rather than Green Chrome Boba’s left.

The paint is as simple as I said it should be earlier. What you end up with is a very clean presentation. I did manage to find a few examples of “painting outside the lines” but not nearly as bad as some other Pops! I’ve seen.

errant paint and splotches

Another strange this is that this figure has a really sensitive paint job when it comes to lighting. What I mean is that, just by moving from one area of the room to another, this figure went from bright pastel blue to more of a dull grey. It was under the same household lights, but looked much less vibrant. Maybe something to consider when displaying.

Anyway, that was a lot of depth for a Funko Pop! I’ll leave you with the rest of the images in the gallery below and info on the free Funko Pop! Star Wars: Boba Fett (Animated) Gamestop Exclusive Giveaway!

Simply comment on this post with the name of a Mandalorian besides Boba Fett to be entered to win. I’ll randomly draw the winner next Wednesday, July 31, 2019, so check back in to see if you won! No purchase necessary to enter, free shipping within the United States. International entrants agree to pay the difference in shipping if chosen as the winner. That’s it! Comment below! Thanks for reading and come back for more!

More later! DrunkWooky out!

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