Not a Prototype! Episode 5: Funko Pop! DC Super Heroes Harley Quinn with Boombox Previews Exclusive

It’s DrunkWooky here, welcoming you back to OTC’s recurring column: Not a Prototype! Today, I’m tossing up some quick pics of the newly released DC Super Heroes Harley Quinn with Boombox Previews Exclusive Funko Pop!

This vinyl figure is still available for order through these fine retailers:

We have all preordered figures and other collectibles from high-end (or, hey, even low-end) manufacturers. We wait and wait for months on end for this little beauty of tiny scale and expensive licensing to arrive. Then, finally, the day comes! The box is on your doorstep. You’ve been ogling the manufacturer glamour shots of the prototype for months on end. You crack the box and…

Does it look like the prototype pictured in the glamour shots? This post isn’t so much a review as quick first impressions.

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In this column, we look at what the figures really look like in the consumer’s hands. We toss up some pictures of product actually in-hand and let the viewer decide. Sometimes we point out some things we notice that irk, maybe some things that are awesome. 

First, let’s take a look at the digital rendering Funko uses for their prototype solicitations.

Note the crisp details on the body. I think this figure has a lot going on in a small area and some of that detail got lost in the scale.

Relatively standard Funko Pop! packaging. The one nice thing that I will point out is the signature Harley diamond on the side flap. That was a nice touch.

The head gives me nothing to complain about. It pretty much lives up to the digital rendering. I always like when we get some more detail beyond a normal humanoid Funko head and the pigtails, pink and blue coloring, and other hair sculpting checks that box for me.

Where I feel the figure starts to have problems is down on the torso.

The execution of the details, while a laudable attempt, leaves something to be desired.

Because I know what I am looking for, I know that black splodge on the chest is a diamond, but it’s not apparent by sight alone. There’s a tassle or charm hanging of the butt of her pistol which is incredibly hard to make out and the paint application on the chain is messy around the edges. I supposed, also, those balls on the top of her boots should be fuzzy pom-poms, but it’s hard to discern even while squinting.

There are some sharp edges and super fine detail on the Batman sticker slapped onto the boombox. You can even see a little red “x” where Harley crossed the bat signal out. That level of fine detail on the sticker begs the question why there couldn’t be more on the rest of the boom box. There’s sculpting of a tape deck with controls, including a volume nob, two woofers, and some rivets. None of that has any detail or paint application. The gray paint app to the volume slider is sort of smacked on and much of the pink paint app seems to not meet the edge of what’s being highlighted.

Of course, take this all with a grain of salt. I understand I’m complaining about a vinyl figure that costs less than $15. Still, at the end of the day the figure just seems a little too busy to be enjoyable to look at.

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