New Hot Toys Marvel Life Size Prop Replicas Announced: Spider-Drone, Arc Reactor, Captain Marvel Pager

Hot Toys is dominating the news this week with SDCC reveals, pre-orders, and now life-size replicas from the MCU. No pre-order info yet on these items, but we do have some pretty pictures to ogle. I’m sure they’ll be up on Sideshow some time soon now. Check out the galleries and product info below via Hot Toys’ Facebook.

It looks like the Spider-Drone comes with a t-shirt that the drone either magnetically attaches to our can magnetically mount over. Meaning, there’s either a magnet in the shirt or just a simple magnet on each side of the shirt holding it in place. It looks like the LXXXV Arc Reactor is also getting a similar magnetic mount treatment without a specially packaged shirt included.

Spider-Man:Far From Home – Spider-Drone Life-Size Collectible Set

【Spider-Man: Far From Home – Spider-Drone Life-Size Collectible Set】 Our friendly neighborhood super hero, Spider-Man has returned in Spider-Man: Far From Home to show off his brand new outfits and fancy gadgets. Taken direct inspiration from the movie, Hot Toys is excited to expand on the Life Size Masterpiece Series with the latest Spider-Drone Collectible Set! Designed by Tony Stark, Spider-Drone is an autonomous drone attached to the spider emblem on the chest of Spider-Man’s battle suit. Tiny drone can detach itself from the suit and perform small tasks. This collectible set comes with two highly detailed Life Size Spider-Drones featuring a Spider-Drone with articulated body and pincers as well as an interchangeable black Spider-Drone; both drones are equipped with magnetic function; and a specially designed display stand. The droney is an absolute must-have for every wall-crawler collection!

Avengers: Endgame – Captain Marvel Pager Life-Size Collectible

【Avengers: Endgame – Captain Marvel Pager Life-Size Collectible】 Marvel fans got their very first tease of Captain Marvel during the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War, as Nick Fury uses a transmitter pager to alert Captain Marvel before he is snapped out of existence. She has upgraded this communication device, an ordinary Earth pager, with Kree technology for Fury to use for emergencies. Based on Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame, Hot Toys is extremely thrilled to bring to our fans today the Captain Marvel Pager in Life-Size Collectible. The screen-accurate collectible measures approximately 7cm in height and 7.5 cm in length, showcases all the authentic and fine details of Captain Marvel Pager. Features Captain Marvel’s iconic symbol in the center of the screen, beautifully painted with multiple layers of metallic colors and weathering effects to highlight its amazing aesthetics, and two LED lighting modes including light-on effect and pulsing light effect for alternative display use. With this pager, Captain Marvel can be your emergency contact, too! It will be an awesome addition to your Avengers collection! 

Avengers: Endgame – Iron Man Mark LXXXV Arc Reactor Life-Size

【Avengers: Endgame – Iron Man Mark LXXXV Arc Reactor Life-Size Collectible】 Tony Stark’s Iron Man armors are more than just protective metal suits – these unrivalled feats of engineering transform him into a flying warrior, powered by a unique renewable energy source and armed with state-of-the-art weaponry. Today, Hot Toys is excited to present the exceptional Life Size Iron Man Mark LXXXV Arc Reactor as the latest addition to Avengers: Endgame collection. Sophisticatedly crafted with close attention to screen authentic details, the Life Size collectible measures approximately 11.5cm in height and 11 cm in length features LED light up function, clothes attachable magnetic function, and a specially designed Arc Reactor display stand with movie logo! Marvel fans simply cannot pass up on the opportunity to add the Arc Reactor to your treasured collection. 

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