Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Thor Promo Pics Released

The next batch of promo images for the Marvel 80th Anniversary Legends line were served up by Hasbro this morning. Yesterday we saw the Hulk vs. Wolverine and Colossus vs. Juggernaut 2-Packs. This round, Thor! Check out the full gallery after the jump!

As I mention in my Walmart Exclusive Worthy Cap Review posting later today, I’ll probably take this Kirby-era inscribed Mjolnir and give it to Cap. It looks like a much nicer treatment when it comes to sculpt, details, and paint apps.

No pre-order info up yet, but watch these pages at these fine retailers for updates:

Wolverine vs. Hulk 80th Anniversary 2-Pack:

We were asleep at the wheel when these came out yesterday, but for the record, here’s your Wolverine vs. Hulk gallery. Wolverine is sporting his short-lived, but very classic first appearance styling. Love those mask whisker’s, Logan! Available for pre-order here.

Entertainment Earth

Juggernaut vs. Colossus 80th Anniversary 2-Pack:

The busted Juggernaut helmet is a nice touch. Watch pre-order pages for these two to go live, as well.

More later!

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