Rik Duel (and the Gang?) Returning In Star Wars Revelations #1 Next Month

Rik Duel (and the Gang?) Returning In Star Wars Revelations #1 Next Month?

Hola and good day every wookiee! Quick update for you about Star Wars: Revelations #1 (2023) shows a familiar face from the 1977 original Marvel Star Wars comic run. If you’re not familiar with Star Wars: Revelations, it’s a one-shot comic that will tease different storylines for the 2024 lineup of Marvel Star Wars comics.

UPDATED: See all variants for Star Wars Revelations #1 (2023) here

And on the Felipe Massafera variant for Revelations, you can see a figure in the reflection of Jabba the Hutt’s eye holding a blaster in his right hand.

As you can tell from the post above, when I first saw him, I initially thought it was Dash Rendar. But a few wonderful Star Wars fans let me know in the comments that it’s not Dash, but instead another Correlian scoundrel, Rik Duel, from the Rik Duel Gang.

To be fair they do kind of look alike…

Dash Rendar Rik Duel Side by Side

Rik Duel was the leader of the self-titled Rick Duel gang alongside a Rodian named Chihdo and a Zaltron (with pinkish-red skin) named Dani.

So if we are getting Rik Duel in Revelations, and therefore he’s expected to be, does that mean we’re getting Dani and Chihdo as well? Personally, I hope so. Would be a fun call back to the OG comics and the characters can pretty much do whatever you want them to do during this time period.

All three first appear in Star Wars #70 from the original Marvel Star Wars run and remain a big part of the story through the final issue in Star Wars #107.

Rik Duel, Dani, and Chihdo was introduced in canon in the first episode of The Mandalorian frozen in carbonite on board the Razor Crest.

This was confirmed by the Hasbro release of The Razorcrest ship as part of the Vintage Collection line of toys. The Razorcrest came with 4 carbonite block accessories and you can clearly see that Mando has captured all three members of the Rik Duel Gang.

Time will tell if this means will get more of them in future live action TV shows. Who knows? But we do know that they know Din and Greef based on who caught them and who assigned the bounty.

You can check out all variants of Star Wars: Revelations #1 below:

Star Wars: Revelations #1 (2023)


(W) Marc Guggenheim, Various (A) Salvador Larroca, Various (CA) Rod Reis

Introducing new characters, new twists and new turns across all of Marvel’s STAR WARS line! This star-studded issue puts the pieces on the board for what’s to come in a galaxy far, far away!
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In Shops: Dec 20, 2023

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