Nine Star Wars Original Graphic Novels Announced by Dark Horse Comics

Nine Star Wars Original Graphic Novels Announced by Dark Horse Comics

Early this morning Dark Horse Comics announced a new Star Wars Hyperspace Stories line of original graphic novels (OGN) set to release in 2024 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Phantom Menace.

We had already known about two of them, Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Obi-Wan and Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Qui-Gon, as they were revealed at the Lucasfilm Publishing panel during this year’s New York Comic Con.

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But we didn’t know this would be a “line” of graphic novels. And we didn’t know that there would be NINE of them.

Star Wars Hyperspace Stories OGN Line Dark Horse Comics

According to Dark Horse, the nine all-ages original graphic novels will each be centered around and named after key characters in the Skywalker saga portion of the Star Wars lore. Each one with art from Michael Cho for each volume to complete a matching set.

  • Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Qui-Gon
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Obi-Wan
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Mace Windu
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – General Grievous
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Luke Skywalker
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Princess Leia
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Darth Vader
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Rey
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Kylo Ren

The first book in the OGN line, Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Qui-Gon will be released in April 2024. It will be penned by George Mann (one of my favorite authors) and illustrated by Andrea Mutti & Gigi Galdassini.

“I’m thrilled to be getting my hands on Qui-Gon at long last!” said writer George Mann, “He’s such an icon of the Prequel era, and it’s a real joy to be able to add to his story. Expect everything from lightsaber battles to creepy investigations, from dark side sects to familiar faces, as we check in on Qui-Gon at three pivotal moments in his life, venturing to the streets of Jedha as a Padawan, to the distant world of Cerosha as a lonesome Jedi Knight, and deep into the wreck of an ancient spaceship as a Jedi Master. Count Dooku! Young Obi-Wan! It’s all here! Plus, of course, the most gorgeous art from Andrea and Gigi.”

Later in the press release it’s mentioned that these pivotal moments that Qui-Gon is going through are all pat of a larger story completing “puzzle of some of the Force’s many mysterious followers: The Brotherhood of the Ninth Door. Secret Force abilities could make them a great ally to the Jedi, or a powerful enemy.” This is a nice High Republic reference as the Brothers of the Ninth Door were a big part of the Battle of Jedha audio drama, also written by George Mann. They were also referenced in Midnight Horizon by Daniel Jose Older.

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The Brothers of the Ninth Door were dark side force users who were able to manipulate how others saw them using the force. Meaning they could do sketchy stuff without people actually knowing it was them.

I’ve been wanting more Brothers of the Ninth Door stories ever since I first listened to the Battle of Jedha and I’m very excited that we get them from George Mann’s hands through the eyes of Qui-Gon.

The 2nd volume, Star Wars Hyperspace Stories – Obi-Wan, will be released over the summer in 2024. No specific date on that just yet.

Each volume will be written by a different author including New York Times bestselling writers Cecil Castellucci (Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories), Justina Ireland (Star Wars: The High Republic—A Test of Courage), and Michael Moreci (Stranger Things)– alongside George and others who’ve yet to be announced.

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