New Star Wars Visions One-Shot by Peach Momoko Coming This November!

Big news! Peach Momoko is getting her own Star Wars: Visions One-Shot comic this November! The all original story will be written and illustrated by Peach Momoko and will include all new characters that she conceived and developed for Marvel comics.

This means, unlike the previous Star Wars Visions One-Shot by Takashi Okazaka (it’s amazing) one-shot, this story will not be a spin-off of the show. Instead, like the show, it will be an original story that is not tied to the current canon, allowing the creators to let their imaginations run wild.

“I really enjoy thinking about how to tell my own version of Star Wars, while keeping in mind the concepts of the original universe.”

Momoko tells

The best part? This is going to be a ‘series’ of one-shots from comic creators that live outside of canon. So this first one from Peach is just the start. I love the idea because creators can get NUTS with it since they won’t have the same production costs of a show.

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Here’s the official description of Star Wars: Visions: Peach Momoko #1 from the

Star Wars: Visions – Peach Momoko #1 picks up centuries after the death of a major Sith Lord, with a cult called Ankok having grown around the notorious dark side servant.

Tata, leader of the cult, believes she is the rightful successor to this Sith Lord.

Star Wars Tata Visions Peach Momoko Design

Meanwhile, a girl named Kako and her loyal droid Gel are fated to confront this new evil. 

Star Wars Visions Peach Momoko Kako and Gel

Another character, Popo, follows Kako and Gel on their adventure. She wasn’t originally created for Star Wars: Visions, however. “I designed Popo couple years ago just for fun and have always wanted to use her in a comic,” Momoko says. “I felt this was the perfect opportunity.”

Star Wars Visions Peach Momoko Popo

“I wanted to tell a story about a cult. And I felt within the Star Wars universe, the dark side was something that ties to when a human, or something living, loses itself and then wants to rely on believing something in order to have hope to live,” Momoko says.

“I believe falling to the dark side is nothing to be ashamed of. It could save you. Sometimes the dark side can help defeat your trauma and fear. In the story, Ankok’s belief is that the time when light defeats darkness has ended. It is the time to accept the darkness. And Tata is only using the dark side to help those who need a ‘dark light.’”

I’ll be adding this to the Star Wars One-Shot Comic Variant checklist as soon as official cover art and pre-order details are announced.

Stay tuned for more!

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