Star Wars: The High Republic #5 Confirms Popular Fan Theory [Spoilers]

Star Wars: The High Republic #5 Confirms Popular Fan Theory [Spoilers]

Star Wars: The High Republic #5 picks up right as the Battle of Jedha begins. There are multiple riots breaking out the same time and everyone is just trying to make sense of a confusing situation.

I have the full spoilers below but know that this comic has two very significant first appearances, a pretty key event, and confirmation of a popular fan theory about Oliviah Zeveron.

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There is a lot that happens in this issue so I won’t be going page by page of the entire comic. Instead I will focus on key events and new character appearances. Be sure to support the writers and artists by buying a copy on release date. You can pre-order from TFAW here.

Like I mentioned above, this issue starts out in the middle of chaos. And to make things worse there is a leveler in the crowd causing all of the force users to hallucinate and turn on each other.

Jedi’s Matty, Vildar Master Leebon and Oliviah Zeveron try calm the rest of the scared force user from the Convocation of the Force as they begin to fight eachother. Vildar and Matty recognize the force making them act weird and come to the conclusion that they are being intentionally tampered with.

Then things get very interesting.

Star Wars High Republic The Mother Elicia Zeveron

That menacing looking woman is The Mother of the Path of the Open Hand. This is her first comic appearance. Will likely be considered a cameo since she only appears in 2 panels and is not named in either. You will just need to see how the market judges the appearances.

If you don’t know The Mother is the big bad of Phase II so far. She leads the Path of the Open hand in their efforts to destroy the Jedi and is the reason the Leveler is around to wreak havoc.

While that is happening, the Temple of Kyber is broken into…

Star Wars High Republic The Brothers of the 9th Door

I believe those spooky looking marauders are the Brothers of the 9th Door. The Brothers of the 9th Door were a dark side force religion on Jedha. The Brothers were heavily featured in the Battle of Jedha audio drama. While I’m nearly certain that this is them, they are not named in this comic. In the Battle of Jedha they are described as wearing scary looking skeleton masks. This fits with what we see in this comic.

Then back to our Jedi group we get confirmation of a popular fan theory…

Star Wars High Republic The Mother Elicia Zeveron

That’s right, The Mother is not just some fun title for her cult. She is literally the mother of Oliviah Zeveron. Ever since we got her full name in a short video on the Star Wars YouTube page fans have speculated on how they were related. It makes sense. To me this confirms that The Mother is bitter that her daughter was taken from her to become a Jedi. This pain is why she doesnt want to see the force manipulated. It brings up terrible memories of loss and regret.

Stuff like this is why The Mother is in my top 3 favorite characters in the phase. Really looking forward to see where this relationship goals. If you want to learn more about the mother you should check out High Republic Path of Deceit.

But Oliviah does not get to approach her mother as she faded into the crowd.

Instead her and Master Leebon are called to the Final Protector statue.

Star Wars The High Republic The Final Protector

This is the same Jedi statue that we see in the sand in Star Wars: Rogue One. So I’ll let you put the pieces together on what happens next.

Star Wars The High Republic The Final Protector

That’s all for now my friends. You can see all variants of both High Republic #5 and High Republic #6 on the Drunk Wooky High Republic Phase II checklist here. Be sure to get your pre-orders in now to make sure you can get them at or below cover.

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