New Novel, Star Wars: Crimson Climb, Announced by EK Johnston

New Star Wars Novel, Crimson Climb, Announced by EK Johnston

If you thought that the end of Qi’ra’s story was coming in part 3 of the Qi’ra trilogy, Star Wars: Hidden Empire, it appears that you would be wrong.

Earlier today, best-selling Star Wars author, EK Johnston (Ahsoka), announced on Twitter that she’ll be writing a new novel called Star Wars: Crimson Climb that will be published by Disney. While we have almost no details at the moment, the title would suggest that the book will show Qi’ra’s climb through the ranks of Crimson Dawn after she killed Dryden Voss at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Here’s the cover. Pretty rad.

Star Wars Crimson Climb Novel by EK Johnston

I am personally a huge fan of Qi’ra and have desperately wanted more content of her working with Maul inside of Crimson Dawn. After Maul was teased at the end of the Solo movie I’ve always wanted to see more perspective of how he balanced his urge for revenge against Kenobi and Sidious with running a criminal syndicate.

From the War of the Bounty Hunters / Crimson Reign / Hidden Empire comic trilogy we know that Maul trained Qi’ra in hand to hand combat and taught her methods that would be useful when fighting force users.

Please let us get more insight into that. Sound amazing.

No other details at the moment but thought I would share because I’m excited!

What would you like to see covered in this novel?

Await the Dawn!

-Grand Admiral Frik

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