What Star Wars Comic Character Could “Cause A Fuss” In Andor?

Ok so a Podcast host with the handle @ky1ekatarn sent out a tweet late last week that caught my attention. Here’s the Tweet:

This guy appears to have either gotten the press review episodes of Andor (ep 1-4 were sent to press for reviews) or he knows someone who did. This got me thinking, assuming he’s not being dramatic and is telling the truth, who would fit the bill? What comic character would cause a fuss?

I posted this question on Instagram and got a ton of different opinions.

I mentioned in that post that I had some thoughts and I do. But I’m not sure if I feel I’ve nailed the answer yet. Regardless I wanted to share the best bets from characters who are featured heavily in the comics, would fit in the Andor timeline, and would cause a fuss if they were in the show.

But first let me start by saying who I do NOT think it is…

I do not think it’s Thrawn

This would certainly cause a fuss and he would be in the Imperial Navy at this point but I don’t see it. For starters, while he’s in comics, I would not describe him as a comic character. The only comics he’s in are adaptations of novels that came out first. To me he’s a book/tv character. Also I think Thrawn is far too big of a character to have not leaked.

Thrawn’s first comic appearance is Star Wars Heir to the Empire #1.

I do not think it’s Doctor Aphra

Now Aphra I WOULD consider a “comic character” and she would cause a fuss but similar to Thrawn… this would be way too big of a character to add to a show for something not to leak. Doctor Aphra would be one of this biggest casting announcements in recent years for Star Wars. Keeping it complete secret wouldn’t make sense. I do think she could end up fitting in nicely for The Skeleton Crew though.

So who could it be? What comic characters make the most sense to show up in Andor and cause a fuss?

Doctor Aphra’s first full comic appearance is Darth Vader #3 (2015).

Magna Tolvin

So while I think Doctor Aphra would be too big to sneak into live action unnoticed, characters connected to her would not. Tolvin is an interesting choice since she is an Aphra love interest would be in the Empire at this time. This would cause the Aphra to live action speculation to explode.

Magna Tolvin’s first comic appearance is Star Wars: Doctor Aphra 3 (2016).

Beliert Valance

Unless I have the timeline mixed up Valance would either still be in the Empire or fresh out of it with a bone to pick. This would cause a fuss because it opens up a slew of bounty hunters who could also show up. The Star Wars Bounty hunters books would blow up with people speculating who else could be coming.

Beilert Valance’s first comic appearance is Star Wars #16 from the 1977 run.


I think Dengar makes sense for the same reasons that Valance does. His appearance would cause the key issues for a ton of bounty hunters to heat up as people speculate who’s next. Now, I know that Dengar appeared in the OT before being in a comic but nearly all of his backstory and content is from the comics. Also this is the only response the guy who tweeted the tweet liked.

Dengar’s first appearance is in the Marvel Comics Super Special #16.

Sly Moore

I think Sly Moore, a force sensitive Umbaran who served the Empire before defecting to Crimson Dawn, is actually a pretty solid pick to show up in Andor but I’m not sure how big of a fuss she would create. Sly Moore was created for and first appeared with a small part in The Attack of the Clones but most of the content around her character comes from comics. Her appearance would certainly heat up speculation about Qi’ra and other members o the Dawn.

Sly Moore’s first full comic appearance is Star Wars Darth Vader #8 (2020).

Quinlan Vos

Let me start by saying I don’t think it’s going to be Quinlan. This story is about the Rebellion and the Empire. Not the Jedi and Sith/Inquisitors. I do think we are getting Quinlon Vos sooner than later (my guess is he’s in the next season of The Bad Batch) this just seems like an odd fit. That being said I think its more likely than Aphra or Thrawn.

Quinlan Vos’ first appearance is in Star Wars 17 from Dark Horse.

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