New Star Wars Funko Pop! Sized Pins Coming Later This Year

Funko Pop! Sized Pins Commander Cody Grievous

New Funko Pop! Sized Pins Coming This Fall/Winter for General Grievous, Unhooded Palpatine, Commander Cody, Mace Windu, and Young Anakin.

Confession time. Deep down I love pins. No idea why but a about once a month or so I see a cool pin and immediately consider buying it. Up until this point I’ve been able to bury these urges as I’m honestly am not sure where I would pin them.

But it appears that’s about to change. At lunch today I was creeping on some sites to make sure I noticed any new comic covers being released and I came across five new Funko Pop! Sized Pins; Commander Cody, Unhooded Palpatine, Mace Windu, Young Anakin, and General Grievous.

The Grievous and Cody ones are calling my name. I’m probably going to give in and get at least one of them. The battle is over. I have lost.

If you’re like me and don’t follow this stuff closely (I know some of you pin heads do) here’s the official description.

From Funko. Funko Pop! Pins aren’t your typical pins! These collectible pins come in all sorts of metal finishes, with unique techniques to help push the boundaries of what a pin typically is. Each pin features Funko’s signature Pop! style and a removable display stand to showcase your pin when you’re not wearing it! Each pin stands about 3.75′ tall and comes packaged in a window box.

Just sharing because I figured you may like them too.

Star Wars Funko Pop! Sized Pins

If you want one you can pre-order below.

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