Star Wars The Mandalorian #2 Cover A Revealed and Is This Grogu’s First Appearance?

Marvel released the main cover for the much anticipated Cover A for Star Wars The Mandalorian #2 and it hot damn it’s sexy as hell. I am loving the art so far for the TV adaptation series and I get late 90’s Dark Horse vibes from the newest cover release.

This should be the first comic that includes Grogu in the full story has Mando and the little good boy escape wave after wave of Bounty Hunters trying to steal Din’s bounty.

BUUUTTT… I’ve already seen people arguing about the thing that will be argued until the end of time…

What is Grogu’s First Appearance In a Comic?

Now before the steam pours out of your ears and you craft a passive aggressive reply about KCC or any other speculator driven resource… understand that there will likely never be consensus on this.

And that’s fine. Collecting by nature is subjective as people collect what they personally value. Some may view the first glimpse of Grogu as the first appearance. Others will want him to be involved in the story.

All opinions on this are valid and it does no good to get worked up about it. That being said, let’s talk about some options.

Star Wars Tales #13

Published in September 2002, this non-canonical anthology features the Coruscant Jedi Temple’s nursery, complete with a newborn baby that is the same species as Yoda. Now, is it likely that this will ever be recognized by any canonical Lucasfilm media as Grogu? No. Dark Horse Star Wars comics were de-canonized in 2014, but even as Star Wars Tales was being published it was very upfront in its opening pages that the series was not canon (at least certain tales within). Still the fact the remains that this was the third appearance of a member of Yoda’s species (Yoda, Yaddle, then this little guy) and it was a baby.

Die!Die!Die! #14 – Image Comics

Die!Die!Die! is a ridiculous (yet fun) comic series from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman as well as Scott Gimple, Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairburn. Die!Die!Die! #14 came out in March 24th, 2021 and features Obama whooping Alien ass in a boxing match to save Earth. In the crowd you can spot Jaxxon and a little Grogu in the crowd taking it all in.

So is this Grogu’s first appearance? Depends.

Why it might be: It’s the first time he appears in a traditional comic. So technically it’s the first time he appears.

Why people might think it’s not: It’s not official Star Wars art and is a spoof comic.

Star Wars Darth Vader (2020) Darth Vader – Sprouse 50th Anniversary Variant

The Sprouse Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Variant of Darth Vader #20 came out in February of 2022 and has our boys on the cover. The first printing (gold border) sold so quickly that they created a 2nd print with the Silver/Beskar border.

So is this Grogu’s first appearance? Depends.

Why it might be: It’s without question the first cover appearance of Grogu and Din Djarin.

Why people might think it’s not: Many/most people consider first appearance to be in the comic story itself and not just the cover. And since Grogu only appears on the cover this isn’t likely to gain much steam as a traditional first appearance. Still cool though and a great book to own.


Star Wars The Mandalorian #1

In February Star Wars and Marvel announced an 8 issue TV show adaptation comic series of The Mandalorian. Each issue will cover an episode from season one of The Mandalorian from Disney+. This issue will hit stores on July 6th, 2022. I’ve got pre-order links below for all covers.

This issue will be the first full appearance of Din Djarin and Greef Karga among others. Most notably we will likely get this iconic moment from the pilot episode. Since this scene will likely take up 1-2 panels we must now ask…

So is this Grogu’s first appearance? Your call.

Why it might be: For many, this will be Grogu’s first appearance and it’s hard to argue. While he’s not named he’s certainly not a background character. He is front and center in the story.

Why people might think it’s not: This comes back to the argument/distinction between “cameo” and “full appearance.” I know some hate the idea of “cameo” and the definition seems to be a moving target but the fact remains, some people will consider this a cameo as it’s likely to only be shown in 1-2 panels.


And lastly we have…

Star Wars The Mandalorian #2

And this brings us full circle back to The Mandalorian #2 that drops on August 17th, 2022. I know I said it above but I cannot get enough of this cover by Kaare Andrews. It’s absolutely beautiful.

So is this Grogu’s first comic book appearance?

Why it might be: This will more than likely get first “full” appearance designation from different resources since it’s the first comic where Grogu is in the entire book. Those who collect “cameo” and “full appearances” will probably view this as the first full.

Why people might think it’s not: As we said before not everyone views this stuff the same. Some will prefer a previously mentioned issue since Grogu appears in them.


So what is the official first appearance of Grogu?

There isn’t one. My personal choice is The Mandalorian #1 as I think his scene in the show likely translates into meaningful enough comic panels.

But that is just my opinion.

There is no need to get worked up over this. All four will be sought after for some time now.

So get your personal choice or get them all.

Hey hey!

-Grand Admiral Frik

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