Halcyon Legacy 1 Exclusive Press Copy Comparison

We reported earlier this week that copies of the Halcyon Legacy 1 Exclusive Press Copy comic book were selling on ebay for $500! Since then, actually, some sales of over $700 have occurred!

This particular version of the comic was handed out to members of the press and guests invited to Galactic Starcruiser’s maiden voyage. Galactic Starcruiser is Disney Parks’ latest “immersive Star Wars experience” hotel.

Well, we managed to get a hold of a copy of this particular variant and decided to do a side by side comparison with the regular local comic shop release! Check out the gallery below! We’re also giving away this copy of the Exclusive Press Copy over on our Instagram! So check that out!

Front Cover: Barcode has been removed, image has been shrunk slightly, print color is slightly darker, and black band stating “Exclusive Press Copy” was added.

Ad pages: All non-Star Wars ads have been replaced for ads for Star Wars publications.

Back Cover: Citizen Watch Spider-Man ad replaced with Galactic Starcruiser ad.

Throughout: Darker print colors as shown by the blue border on the credits page.

The 3/31/2022 video for “This Week in Star Wars” shows how the comic was presented in media guests’ cabins on the bed upon their arrival:

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