Press Event Exclusive Halcyon Legacy 1 Variant Sold for $500

On March 1, 2022, Disney Parks invited members of the Press and other invitees to take part in the Galactic Starcruiser’s Maiden Voyage. The new Star Wars themed immersive hotel experience is now open and early “voyages” have sold out (even with packages starting at a whopping $4,809!). In other words, the free Press Event. As a part of this event, tons of exclusive swag, freebies, and memorabilia available for purchase was taken home by members of the press. And some of it has started to appear on secondary markets like ebay.

One particular item has caught the eye of the Star Wars Comic collecting community- An exclusive variant of the Halcyon Legacy #1 cover by E.M. Gist. This comic seemingly has the exact same cover as Halcyon Legacy #1 cover A by E.M. Gist, just without the barcode and featuring a black band stating “Exclusive Press Copy” on it. The back cover features art from Galactic Starcruiser unique to this edition:

I’ve only noticed one secondary market listing since the event which was listed (and sold!) for $500. This thing might go the way of the Galaxy’s Edge Imagineering variant which was only given to Imagineers involved in production of Galaxy’s Edge.

Thankfully, the seller appears to be an animal rescue organization donating proceeds to save animals! Hooray!

Check out the images of the variant and other swag that was available from the listing below:

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