New Star Wars Comics January 19, 2022

Happy New Year! I’ve been away from the website for about 3-4 weeks welcoming a brand new baby girl Wooky into my tribe, but I’m back, baby!

Book of Boba Fett is 3 episodes deep and how about that big bad Wookiee reveal, huh!? For those who want to lock in that guy’s first appearance, grab Darth Vader #1 (2015 Gillen, and Larocca).

Even between Disney+ seasons and blockbuster film releases, we get new Star Wars just about every week in our local comic shop!

Here’s a look at the new Star Wars comic book releases hitting shelves at your local comic shop January 19, 2022! Brought to you by TFAW! Check out the official solicitations and previews for Star Wars comic books coming out this week below! Also check out which books are on Final Order Cut Off January 17, 2022 and get your orders in before last call!



High Republic #13

NOV210951(W) Cavan Scott (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Phil NotoTHE BATTLE FOR NO-SPACE!
•  Since MARCHION RO attacked the Republic Fair on VALO, everything has been leading to this moment. Now it’s THE JEDI’s turn to strike the heart of THE NIHIL.
•  A line is about to be crossed!

RATED T In Shops: Jan 19, 2022SRP: $3.99


Doctor Aphra #18

NOV210964(W) Alyssa Wong (A) Minkyu Jung (CA) Sara Pichelli”CONJURATIONS”
•  With STRANGE RITUAL MURDERS on the rise, DOCTOR APHRA and SANA STARROS’ hunt for HOWLING ARTIFACTS is growing dire!
•  Their leads keep turning up dead, and they’re running out of time!
•  They’ll have to delve deep into the secrets of an ANCIENT TECH CULT if they plan to catch the killer!

RATED TIn Shops: Jan 19, 2022SRP: $3.99



High Republic Adventures Galactic Bake-Off (One-Shot)

NOV210420(W) Daniel Jose Older, Vita Ayala (A) Toni Bruno, Jo Cheol-Hong (CA) Jason LooTorban “Buckets of Blood” Buck and Kantam Sy face off in a brutal, intense, ruthless… bake-off!

Lightsabers and Jedi robes are put aside in favor of whisks and aprons as the two competitors bake Master Yoda’s special pastry recipe. But the recipe requires one extra special ingredient: a story! “Buckets of Blood” and Kantam recount the tale of an epic battle as they whisk away, both hoping to win the prize of Padawan approval.

Daniel José Older and Vita Ayala team up in this heart-warming one-shot. Plus, bake Master Yoda’s pastries yourself, with the recipe included in the back!In Shops: Jan 19, 2022SRP: $5.99



For those who aren’t familiar, FOC, or Final Order Cut Off, is when publishers and distributors require retailers to get their orders in. Printers then print according to that number (sometimes with overages). So, if you want to absolutely guarantee you get a book, best bet is to order it before FOC.


Eye of the Storm #2

DEC211064(W) Charles Soule (A) Guillermo Sanna (CA) Ryan BrownACT TWO: Marchion. The Wreckage. The Hunt. The Storm.
•  In which the Eye of the Nihil exults after a job well done.
•  In which Marchion Ro reveals the source of the Jedi’s greatest fear.
•  In which the future of the Nihil is revealed.
Rated TIn Shops: Feb 16, 2022SRP: $4.99



High Republic Adventures #13

DEC210533(W) Daniel Jose Older (A/CA) Harvey TolibaoJoin Daniel José Older and Harvey Tolibao in this emotional finale to phase one of The High Republic Adventures!
With their latest mission behind them, the Padawan face their greatest challenge yet: the future. Farzala and Qort are ready to take the next steps, but Lula can’t shake her emotions, as is the Jedi way. She’s been trained for battle, for diplomatic relations, for rescue missions… she was never trained for a heart that aches for more. Through it all, though, they are guided by wise words of the Jedi: for light and for life.In Shops: Feb 09, 2022SRP: $3.99


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