Star Wars Comics First Appearances and Key Events for January 12, 2022

Welcome back to another new comic book day, EveryWookiee!! Every week I take a look at the Star Wars comic releases and analyze for first appearances and key events that may be worth collecting or keeping an eye on for future development. Over the past three weeks I haven’t performed this service for the community because I was welcoming out second little Wooky to the family on December 19, 2021! A Baby Girl! I’m so excited she’s here!

Now back to our regularly scheduled article!

I’ve scoured today’s new releases and below are the first appearances, cameos and key events from this week’s Marvel and IDW Star Wars comic releases: Star Wars #20, The High Republic Eye of the Storm #1, Bounty Hunters #20, and High Republic Adventures #12.

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Star Wars #20

TFAW is sold out of this issue as of the time of this post and for good reason. This issue features the first full comic appearance of Jedi Master Elzar Mann. Albeit in “memory imprint” form as recorded by a sentient planet, but still. You can check out ebay listings or your local comic shop to try and grab a copy.

First up, this is the first appearance of the planet Gazian. It’s a vergence in the Force that takes a mental imprint of the visitors at the time they are on the planet. That leads to Luke meeting…

A mental imprint of Elzar Mann! Elzar Mann makes an unnamed cameo in the final assembly of Jedi in High Republic #1 and a cover appearance o that same art on the second print of High Republic #1. Star Wars #20 is his first full appearance, however.

Bounty Hunters #20

Not much going on over in Bounty Hunters #20 this week in terms of firsts and key events. We get the first appearance of the Unbroken Clan Leader. He was first mentioned in Bounty Hunters #3. Then Vukorah becomes the Unbroken Clan Leader in this issue. Vukorah made her first appearance in Bounty Hunters #3 as well.

Eye of the Storm #1

This issue is, of course Marchion Ro’s origin story. So, it’s significant in the classic comic collecting way for that reason alone. Marchion Ro made his first cameo in High Republic Adventures #1, his first full appearance in High Republic Adventures #2, and two covers are tied for his first cover appearance with the Mike Mayhew exclusive and Sliney exclusive to High Republic #3.


First, we learn what species Marchion Ro is- Evereni. His ancestral home is Everon. This is the first appearance of Everon and the first identification of his species as Evereni.

Next, we get the first comic appearance of Asgar Ro, Marchion’s father and prior Eye of the Nihil. Asgar has been mentioned in books before, first in Soule’s Light of the Jedi. We also get the first appearance of Marchion Ro’s grandmother.

Next, this book contains the first comic appearance of Tempest Runner, Kassav. I wouldn’t worry too much about him or get too attached.

Finally, there is an unidentified human Tempest Runner in this issue. Time will tell if he is significant, but my bet is no. Marchion is very young here and by the time Marchion is an adult in Light of the Jedi, we no longer see this human. So perhaps he is not long for this world…

High Republic Adventures #12


First off, of marginal interest, is returning to the planet, Dol’har Hyde. This planet first appeared on a screen in Doctor Aphra #7 (2020), then Aphra and Sana visit the planet and this ruins of this Nihil base when searching for a Path Engine in Doctor Aphra #8 (2020).

Other than that, we have the first appearance of Jedi Master Tabakan, a Dug (think Sebulba) Jedi Master! I think this is the first ever Dug Jedi.

That’s all for this week, EveryWookiee! Tune in next week for more first appearances and keys!

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