Crimson Reign Reading Order and Checklist

Charles Soule’s follow up to War of the Bounty Hunters ties the individual ongoing issues from Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, Star Wars, and Bounty Hunters together much more loosely than War of the bounty Hunters did. So, a reading order is much less essential to reading this event and you can also just go for the titular (“Crimson Reign”) issues and get the story without slipping the other tie-in issue in.

Collected Editions

Individual Issues

Star Wars #19-12/8/21

I’d place this issue after Crimson Reign #1 simply because it references “The Syndicate War” shown in that issue.


Bounty Hunters #19-12/22/21

Vader tests Valance on a mission before teaming him up with Ochi. Ochi and Valance appear together in Darth Vader #19.


Darth Vader #19-12/29/21

Vader puts together an anti-Crimson Dawn task force.


Doctor Aphra #17– 1/5/22

Aphra and Starros chase down a rival named Kho Phon Farrus who made a first cameo in #16. Farru’s connection to the Crimson Reign storyline is revealed, but so far this is not looking like an essential storyline for the greater Crimson Reign event.


Star Wars #20-1/12/22

Luke continues his search for sources of Jedi wisdom. This issue is not essential to the greater Crimson Reign storyline. It is, however, the first full appearance of Elzar Mann, Jedi Master from the High Republic era.


Bounty Hunters #20– 1/12/22

The motley crew tracks down 4-LOM, and then subsequently tracks down Cadeliah. They’re not going to like where Cadeliah’s headed, though.


Doctor Aphra #18-1/19/22

Aphra and Starros’ chase of their rival continues. Again, not (yet) essential to the greater Crimson Reign storyline.


Crimson Reign #2-2/2/22

I have to assume that Ochi and Deathstick’s missions are essential to the greater Crimson Reign storyline.


Darth Vader #20-2/9/22

I’ve looked for indications as to whether Ochi’s mission in Crimson Reign 2 and his involvement with Vader here in Darth Vader 20 have a specific order. Given there aren’t any ready indicators, I’m defaulting to publication order here.


Crimson Reign 3-3/9/22

All the events in this issue appear to occur prior to Crimson Reign 1. However, it’s a flashback intended by the author to be published third in the series. So, it remains here.


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