High Republic Show Episode 5 Comic Reveals

The Star Wars High Republic Show Episode 5 hosted by Krystina Arielle just dropped over on Starwars.com and it contained some great High Republic comic cover reveals! We were hoping for a reveal of the Halloween Extravaganza, but no such luck today. Check out the episode and comic reveals below! We’ll keep you updated with pre-order links as these books go live for order!

We’ll start with my favorite reveal, the High Republic Adventures 2021 Annual from IDW. This book will feature all the High Republic writers: Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, and Daniel Jose Older! It will also contain an all star art team with art from Sam Beck, Jason Loo, Yael Nathan, Jesse Lonegran, and Stefano Simone. The Annual will be arriving this December and Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #11. The reason I’m so excited about this is because Cover B shows Jedi Master Porter Engle on his first comic cover! So far, Porter has only appeared in High Republic Novels, Light of the Jedi, Rising Storm, and Tempest Runner. This just might be his first comic appearance.

Another great group shot of the protagonists from High Republic Adventures and do we spy an unmasked QORT!? Yes, yes we do!

Next up we had a look at volume 2 of the Edge of Balance Manga from Viz Media. Edge of Balance volume 2 comes out in February 2021 and is written by Shima Shinya and Older. What’s strange is I heard Krystina say this was the “digital only” cover. I hope that doesn’t mean the book will be digital only.

So far, this would be the first cover appearance of Lily Tora-Asi’s Padawan, Keerin.

Then on the Marvel side of things, we have cover reveals for Eye of the Storm, High Republic #13, and Trail of Shadows #4!

Eye of the Storm features a real nice look at Marchion Ro unmasked, sporting Loden Greatstorm’s yellow lightsaber!

Finally, we got two new Nihil character reveals. No word on their role in the story yet. It’s going to be bad, though. Kara Xoo is a female Quarren who held the rank of Storm in Kassav’s Tempest of the Nihil. Zadina Mkampa is some sort of doctor. An evil doctor.

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