DrunkWooky Comic Giveaway: Mike Mayhew High Republic #4 Shadow Variant

Mike Mayhew’s shadow variation to his exclusive Star Wars High Republic #4 cover is on sale now! If you want to try your luck rather than spend your money, or if it’s sold out by now, then we have a treat for you!

We are giving away one (1) copy of the Mike Mayhew Star Wars High Republic #4 Shadow Variant as pictured below!

So, what do you have to do to be entered? Well, we just launched WookyWiki.com, he Star Wars Comics First Appearance and Key Issue Database! So, head on over to WookyWiki.com, find your favorite first appearance or key issue from the database, and tell us about it in the comments here!

One winner will be randomly drawn on 4/9/2021. Comic is released 4/7/2021, expect up to three (3) weeks shipping time after that to allow Mike to send us the prize and us to turn around and send it to you! U.S. Shipping is taken care of by us, foreign entrants agree to pay the difference between domestic and foreign shipping. No purchase necessary to enter. Good luck!

43 thoughts on “DrunkWooky Comic Giveaway: Mike Mayhew High Republic #4 Shadow Variant

  1. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #42
    Allow WookieWiki to explain:

    Revan, obtains signature mandalorian mask.
    Malak permanently assumes name.

  2. Definitely Star Wars #13 (Dark Horse). I’m a Plo Koon fan! (I don’t own this issue, but I wish I did)

  3. My favorite first appearance currently is Aphra in DV3. This character just has a ton of potential, and I was pretty excited when I tracked down a decent copy.

  4. Darth vader 3. Triple zero and BeeTee. Those are definitely the Droids I was looking for

  5. Star Wars the Clone Wars: The Sith Hunters. 1st Mother Talzin. Man that lady was badass in clone wars.

  6. Jedi Mace Windu for me. Assaj Ventress is just awesome. It also happens to be the very first star wars book I picked up before really getting into the books.

    1. For me, the answer is Heir to the Empire #1, First App of Thrawn. He is just integral to the post-Emperor era of Star Wars! He has also been made canon by both Rebels and Mandalorian, which is GREAT! I’m sure he will be the primary architect of the First Order.

      1. Oooh, interesting take. I’d think Thrawn would want to make his way back to his Chiss people rather than stick around with Empire Part Deux, though.

  7. I also would say the original Star Wars comic book because it was the first Stars Wars book I picked up in the early 1980’s but unfortunately a second printing. But I am also interest in seeing how, if or when Geode appears in the Star Wars High Republic comic book series and see how this character plays out.

  8. I like Darth Vader #1 (2015) – First appearance of Black Krrsantan. If they do it right, this book could pop once BK appears in the Disney+ shows (or a movie).

  9. Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Marvel Comics Illustrated Version, I remember as a kid picking this up and loving the cover. Still a classic cover!

    1. The debate among the comic collecting community between this, Super Special, and Star Wars 42 is really interesting and it all stems from format preferences. What I love about the illustrated version is the prototype Yoda before they could go back and change it!

  10. High republic #1
    Could be the next star wars #1 given disney’s tv renaissance. So many first apps and a decent small print run. I really like Avar Kriss and Keeve Trennis. We will see..

  11. Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #1

    First appearance of the Dark Saber I think as well? So first weapon apperence which makes it unique but also the only Dark Horse comic to be held in current cannon which is another unique title. That and I think Dathomir holds a future in Star Wars story with Assaj and Maul being fan favourites I think makes this a great part of Star Wars comic history!

  12. Nothing on “HONDO” 🙁
    Now let’s see CAD BANE..
    ” Star Wars: Tales From The Clone Wars Web Comic Issue: Season 1″

    STAR WARS TALES 19.. not only 1st appearance of Ben Skywalker.. but the story called “INTO THE GREAT UNKNOWN” was awesome because it had Dr. INDIANA JONES COMING UPON dead HAN SOLO… He is looking for SASQUATCH (Chewbacca)

    Yeah I can go one but that ONE IS A SUPER FUN ONE to READ.. OWN.. you know it..

    1. You’re right, I need to hop on the Hondo keys. I’ll get them up ASAP. I found that Star Wars Tales 7 was the first appearance of a Nerf in Star Wars comics this weekend. That one’s fun!

      1. I wish they would have done a backstory on Hondo during the Clone Wars.. I guess that is an ACE in the hole for when they need another money grab…

  13. Going with High Republic 1 for Avar Kriss (Hans cover). Couldn’t find Rose in there

  14. STAR WARS JEDI MACE WINDU #1 1ST APPEARANCE ASAJJ VENTRESS The Dual Red lightsabers are awesome.

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