Introducing, the Star Wars Comics First Appearance and Key Issue Database!

Today, I’d like to officially announce the roll out of, the Star Wars Comics First Appearance and Key Issue Database!

I’ve been debating about when to officially announce this new branch of and today is the day. The perfectionist in me has wanted to wait until the database is up to date with every Star Wars comic published to date, but the fun-loving free spirit in me has wanted to get the conversations started! So, having said that, obviously, the database does not have every first appearance and key issue entered yet, but that is the ongoing goal and entries will be added every day!

In addition, I’ve launched the WookyWiki Instagram profile that highlights certain key issues with small discussions every day. Although other comic databases and Star Wars databases exist out there, I wanted to produce something that was simple, purely dedicated to Star Wars, and purely dedicated to comics.

Check out a small tutorial below and if you have any questions, comments, kudos, or suggestions, drop them in a comment below!

How it Works:

First of all, you may have noticed a sneaky little WookyWiki link in the top menu of This will take you over to the database.

If you navigate to from a desktop or laptop, you’ll encounter a screen like this:

What you’re looking at is a basic table with 11 columns. From left to right, those columns are Cover Image, Series Name, Issue Number, First Appearance Listing, Cameo Listing, Notes, Canon/Legends Designation, Publication Date, Publisher, Writer, and Artists. The first three columns contain links to ebay listings to help your search for key issues. receives a small affiliate commission for directing you there, but this adds no cost to you. Those commissions go towards keeping running and compensating contributors for research time and coding.

In the top right hand corner you’ll find a search bar where you can search for character names, series names, issues, writers, artists, and basically any other noun you can think of. In the future, I envision an advance table search, but for now this is just a basic text search, so it may produce larger results for more generic search terms.

There are three green buttons on the left hand side on the top. Home will clear your search or return you from the other buttons, Back to will bring you back to the safety of this site, and Contact will allow you to point out what info is wrong and tell me how much of a cotton-headed ninny muggins I am. I already have a draft of defintions and methodology explaining why some entries are the way they are (i.e. Why this database may conflict with others based on its defined “first appearance”, “cameo”, “comic” and other meanings.

On mobile, you’ll probably encounter the screen to the right (below on mobile) if you’re navigating with your screen vertical. It has all the same functionality.

The three green buttons will be stacked at the top, followed by the search bar. The main difference in this view will be the fact that the eleven columns are also stacked to more easily navigate. If you prefer the classic horizontal table view, you can turn your smart phone horizontal and it will switch to a more classic look like this:

And that’s about it for! Told ya, simple. Check it out if you would! I’m proud of this fun little work in progress! Let me know what you think!

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