DrunkWooky Comic Giveaway: Mike Mayhew Exclusive Star Wars High Republic #3!

Hey, everywookiee! It has been forever since I did a giveaway! Well, the time has come! Today, Mike Mayhew’s amazing exclusive variant cover for the upcoming Star Wars High Republic #3 sold out in minutes. If you missed out, this is you chance to nab a pair of the trade dress and virgin cover from DrunkWooky.com!

The winner will be randomly drawn on 2/19/2021 and will receive one (1) copy of the Mike Mayhew exclusive Trade Dress High Republic #3, and one (1) copy of the Mike Mayhew exclusive Virgin High Republic #3!

To enter, you just need to answer the following question in the comments below! The High Republic introduces a Trandoshan Jedi, Sskeer, and a Wookiee Jedi, Burryaga. What alien species of Jedi that you haven’t seen before would you like to see in Star Wars!?

Shipping will be free within the United States. International entrants agree to pay the difference in shipping between domestic and international. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.

This book is tied right now for first cover appearance of villain Marchion Ro, Eye of the Nihil! Check out our ongoing list of High Republic first appearances and key issues over here. Wanted Comix also has a Will Sliney cover for #3 featuring Marchion going live for pre-order February 23, 2021 that will be tied or compete with Mayhew’s for first cover.

Good luck and May The Force Be With You!

Info from MikeMayhewStudio.com:

STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC #3 Mike Mayhew Studio Variant Trade Dress and Virgin Set Raw

Cover A limited to 3000 copies worldwide.

Cover B limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

Please allow 3-5 business days shipping time from the in-shops sale date below.JAN210711(W) Cavan Scott (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Phil Noto

•  A planet stricken by a mysterious blight. One JEDI missing and another driven insane.
•  What horror lurks in the darkness beneath the rotting crops?
•  Death is averted, but a terrible union is formed. Can KEEVE TRENNIS protect an innocent life while facing betrayal from within her own order?
Rated TIn Shops: Mar 03, 2021SRP: $3.99

73 thoughts on “DrunkWooky Comic Giveaway: Mike Mayhew Exclusive Star Wars High Republic #3!

  1. Is Mandalorian technically a race? Can Mandalorian be a Jedi at the same time? If yes then I would like to see a Mandalorian Jedi or some kind of Jedi Bounty hunter.

    1. I think that’s the whole concept The Mandalorian is exploring. You’ve obviously got those who are descendant of inhabitants of Mandalore who are Mandalorians, then you have the ones who take Mando’s oath who are Mandalorian by creed, then there’s Boba Fett who took no creed and is not descendant and doesn’t even claim to be Mandalorian yet wears the armor.

  2. WOOOHOOOO! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Present and accounted for!

    I’m having some issues with my WordPress account; it doesnt seem to recognize my original login info but luckily to subscribed to the post so I have most of the comment. Let me know what I need to claim!

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