DrunkWooky Comic Giveaway: Mike Mayhew Exclusive Star Wars High Republic #3!

Hey, everywookiee! It has been forever since I did a giveaway! Well, the time has come! Today, Mike Mayhew’s amazing exclusive variant cover for the upcoming Star Wars High Republic #3 sold out in minutes. If you missed out, this is you chance to nab a pair of the trade dress and virgin cover from DrunkWooky.com!

The winner will be randomly drawn on 2/19/2021 and will receive one (1) copy of the Mike Mayhew exclusive Trade Dress High Republic #3, and one (1) copy of the Mike Mayhew exclusive Virgin High Republic #3!

To enter, you just need to answer the following question in the comments below! The High Republic introduces a Trandoshan Jedi, Sskeer, and a Wookiee Jedi, Burryaga. What alien species of Jedi that you haven’t seen before would you like to see in Star Wars!?

Shipping will be free within the United States. International entrants agree to pay the difference in shipping between domestic and international. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.

This book is tied right now for first cover appearance of villain Marchion Ro, Eye of the Nihil! Check out our ongoing list of High Republic first appearances and key issues over here. Wanted Comix also has a Will Sliney cover for #3 featuring Marchion going live for pre-order February 23, 2021 that will be tied or compete with Mayhew’s for first cover.

Good luck and May The Force Be With You!

Info from MikeMayhewStudio.com:

STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC #3 Mike Mayhew Studio Variant Trade Dress and Virgin Set Raw

Cover A limited to 3000 copies worldwide.

Cover B limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

Please allow 3-5 business days shipping time from the in-shops sale date below.JAN210711(W) Cavan Scott (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Phil Noto

•  A planet stricken by a mysterious blight. One JEDI missing and another driven insane.
•  What horror lurks in the darkness beneath the rotting crops?
•  Death is averted, but a terrible union is formed. Can KEEVE TRENNIS protect an innocent life while facing betrayal from within her own order?
Rated TIn Shops: Mar 03, 2021SRP: $3.99

73 thoughts on “DrunkWooky Comic Giveaway: Mike Mayhew Exclusive Star Wars High Republic #3!

  1. Obviously it’s a Gungan because we all need a Jedi Jar-Jar. (Please don’t disqualify me for this haha.)

  2. I would like to see a Muun Jedi. I mean, we got Darth Plagueis as a Sith,but he’s barely canon anymore other than name drops (even though I keep praying for a canon novel) and I’d love a canon Muun Jedi. They’re so gangly and strange looking. I’d love it.

    1. Did you ever hear the Jedi Droid legend? R5-D4 (the droid with the bad motivator in ANH),or Skippy the Jedi Droid as he’s referred to in the Comic, apparently had the force and had a vision that it was necessary that Artoo go with Luke otherwise Artoo would be returned to the stormtroopers and a series of catastrophic events would take place. So he purposely caused his malfunction to allow Artoo to be taken in by Luke. Oh what a tale 😂 it was a pretty novel idea though and I’d love to see an actual Jedi droid now!

  3. I think, much like a previous commenter said with Gungans, that having a Jedi from one of the “second class” races in Star Wars would be a neat way to give them more of a story. So, an Ewok or Jawa.

  4. I think a Hutt Jedi would be absolutely hilarious. Slowly slugging around the battlefield, possibly leaving a snail trail

    1. There was an ancient Ordu Aspectu droid that Aphra and her father found in volume 1 of that comic. Not quite a Jedi, though. More a pre-recorded defense system/booby trap.

  5. Hear me out… A Gerb Jedi imagine the mobility & speed they already have in their legs to jump out of the way of incoming attacks and how fast they would be on the offensive and thats without the added force sensitivity
    They also have immense hearing too on any battlefield or mission a trained Gerb Jedi would be dangerous

  6. A Bothan! So many of them died getting the second Death Star plans, it’s time for them to get their due!

      1. I read it when I was a kid. Only remember vague story beats though. I still have the books so I should go back and read them again.

  7. A would love to see a Jedi from the Kyuzo race like the Bounty Hunter Embo. With 2 light savers. Brother vs Brother lol.

  8. Yuuzhan Vong. I think their relationship with their ampistaff coupled with implants and their crazy tech would be a crazy evil looking Jedi. It would be really interesting to see the dynamics of that character. Plus you could also couple it with something like legends Jacen Solos ability to commune with animals in terms of force ability’s.

  9. I love the idea of the less athletically inclined in a Jedi position. Some bad dudes rolling up on a Max Rebo type thinking this will be a piece of cake, only to find out he/she is always a step ahead. Some ripped bad dude getting rolled by Rebo would be fantastic.

    1. What species was Salacious Crumb? He’s fit that bill. People just assume he’s annoying, but he’s actually a highly skilled “drunken master” Jedi.

  10. I wan to see a kick ass Verpine. Insects are already creepy and alien. Already has an armored carapace and possibly vestigial wings. Could you imagine a small swarm of hive warriors with force powers? It’d be devastating.

  11. I would like to see a Pau’an Jedi. I would presume other species would take one look at them with them holding a lightsaber and think they were Sith,but it would be cool to see them fight along side with the Jedi, even the Sith would be intimidated.

  12. Ok since Chiss was already said what about a Ortolan (the blue piano player in RTJ/Max Rebo) as a Jedi.

    Play that funky music Ortolan!

  13. I believe someone may have mentioned but a Jawa Jedi could have some awesome potenial story wise mixed with some Obi-wan lore .

  14. A Tusken Raider Jedi? Seems unlikely, but that would be a plot twist, for sure. Thanks for doing the contest, BTW.

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