Photoygraphy: The Dark Lord of the Sith Gets Hyperreal!

What’s up, everybody! This will be a quick post of a few preliminary shots with the Star Wars Black Series Hyperreal Darth Vader 8 inch action figure from Hasbro! I was just really excited, and frankly impressed when I got this package today. So, I decided a quick set-up, some lights, a humidifier, and some Space Walls were in order to get some quick shots. These photos were taken on a Nikon D3500.

Based on the amount of hands and the articulation on Darth, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to poses. Forgive me for putting something up as soon as I could, though. I was just too pumped on Hyperreal Vader!

All criticism aside, I’m liking this figure on initial impression. Check out the full gallery below!

Hyperreal Darth Vader is available for order now at these fine retailers:

Hyperreal Luke in Bespin fatigues is also on his way May 2020:

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