80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Grey Hulk Vintage Carded Figure Spotted on Amazon Mexico

Briefly listed as available, then swiftly changed to unavailable, this Grey Hulk figure was sighted on the Amazon Mexico channel. Rumors are swirling that this will be a “fan channel” exclusive (i.e. Entertainment Earth, BBTS, and your local comic shop).

We’ll update you as availability and pricing information updates. For now we have some in-package (front and back) pictures.

Looks like this Grey Hulk is using the same sculpt as the SDCC 2019 exclusive with a new head sculpt. Looks like his shirt might be the 80th Anniversary Wolverine and Hulk 2-Pack shirt as well. Of course, he comes with a crushed pipe like SDCC 2019 Hulk. Dare to compare yourself:

More later. DrunkWooky out!

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