DrunkWooky’s Action Figure Review: Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Captain America and Peggy Carter 2-Pack

Hey, dear reader, it’s DrunkWooky here with yet another Action Figure Review! Today, I’m taking a look at the Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Captain American & Peggy Carter 2-Pack.

Go ahead and check out our Youtube video below and then carry on to the write-up below! I tend to get wordy, so use the nifty headings to navigate through my train of thought.


Nothing new here. This is the normal Marvel Legends 2-Pack format.


This action figure 2-Pack comes with two different shields for Cap (original WWII and prototype vibranium), a combat knife, a pistol, a rifle, an alternate head sculpt for Cap, and his blue helmet.

All the accessories are well sculpted. If anything the edges of the guns are slightly soft, and the indentations on the vibranium shield could be a little crisper. The knife blade is probably one of the better sculpted parts of the accessories, with a slight angle towards the sharp edge of the blade. The original WWII shield could do with some follow through on the side edges, because the white plastic showing off the side kind of dispels the illusion that this is a metal shield. The Wal Mart Exclusive Worthy Cap that we reviewed had a struggle getting his arm through the shield straps.

The pistol fits well into Cap’s “U.S.” embossed holster and the combat knife fits almost as well into his boot holster. The knife blade doesn’t push all the way down to the hilt and if you try you will bend the knife (see the YouTube video). No worries, though, the plastic is soft enough to cause no permanent damage.

The two head sculpts basically differ in the hair style. The first is Cap with classic 50s hair, the second with more modern hair. These are great for head swaps with other Cap figures, including giving Ultimate Cap with Motorcycle, and unmasked head to pose with. The helmet is nicely sculpted in blue plastic and the paint is bright and bold without smudges. The only thing I noticed were small areas where the paint didn’t quite meet the edge of the sculpt. You have to get really close to notice that, though.

Modern hair
1950s hair

In general, it’s just a little disappointing Peggy doesn’t come with her own accessory unique to her. It feels like she’s borrowing everything from Cap.


Generally, there are interesting details on each of the figures. Multiple folds, flaps, straps, pockets, pouches and other accouterments deck out the Cap fatigues, and Peggy’s military issue suit has pops of lapel pins and buttons. Peggy’s hairdo is also quite something to behold. There is a great level of detail differentiating where her hair is pinned back from the front and where it just falls in curls in the back. Probably the best sculpted part of this 2-pack.

There really aren’t any major failings on sculpt other than what I mentioned under the accessories section which are minor nit-picks.


Captain gets a nice wash of shading over his leather jacket to make it look road-worn and the flashes of blue under the jacket are crisp, clean, and don’t paint spread outside the lines. With the benefit of Hasbro’s latest face printing tech, the eyes are dead-set center and bright blue. The hair has some nice flecks of lighter blonde mixed in with the rest of the hair shade, giving it some depth. Overall, pretty good paint application. Like I said in the accessories section, the original WWII shield needed some attention to the side edges, and the helmet has some areas where the paint doesn’t quite get to the edge of the sculpt.

There’s also an area on Peggy where the white shirt paint overlaps onto her black tie, plus a small fleck of white that made its way onto her jacket. One nice touch, is the seam up the leg in the back of the Peggy figure.


Here is where this 2-pack stumbles a little. Cap has the usual Marvel Legends suite of articulation: ball jointed head, swivel neck, ball and swivel shoulder, bisected upper arm, double swivel joint on the elbow, ball and swivel wrist, ab crunch (hampered a little by his rigging), 360 degree waist swivel, ball jointed hips with stagnant posts on the groin, bisected thigh, double swivel knee, and the added bonus of a fully rotating boot. Cap’s joints are just a little loose and he’s a little top-heavy, so some poses take added time and care to pull off.

Peggy only has a single swivel joint on her elbow. Besides that, the articulation is basically the same. Except, Peggy’s pencil skirt renders all that articulation above the knee useless. This makes any pose beyond her standing at attention drastically more difficult, if not impossible. The high heels don’t help this situation either.


Generally, this is a nice 2-pack. If anything, what brings it down is what it could be. If they packed the head sculpts for Cap into the Ultimate Captain America with Motorcycle and included Peggy, this would be a perfect set. Unfortunately, I feel like you need both this 2-pack and the Ultimate Captain America with Motorcycle (we’ll be reviewing that later this week) to get the definitive WWII/First Avenger Cap set up. That’s a tough fact to swallow when you consider this 2-pack is in the $40-$50 range right now.

Check out what I was able to set up with parts from both sets here.

More later. DrunkWooky out!

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