Photoygraphy: “Hanging up the Shield”

Today’s photoygraphy was taken using the old iPhone8. This will be the last album I produce witht he iPhone as I’m upgrading to a DSLR. The figures in this shot are actually from two different sets: Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Captain America and Peggy Carter 2-Pack (Amazon Exclusive), Marvel Legends Ultimate Captain America with Motorcycle.

The Captain America figure body comes from the Ultimate Captain America with Motorcycle. The head sculpt comes from the Cap and Peggy 2-pack because the Ultimate Cap head has a non-removable pair of goggles. Cap’s shield is actually from the Cap and Peggy 2-pack. I just preferred this three star look with a little bit of muddy weathering. It was a preference thing. the Ultimate Cap shield would have worked fine. The Amazing Fantasy 15 comic is a custom 1/12 scale job I slapped together.

Enjoy the gallery below!

Setting: one clear, brisk morning next to a middle America highway.

He takes some time to read the pulp fiction about his fellow hero.
“Whattya reading, Cap!?”
“Oh, just a little book I brought back from the 60s. I gave this mustached guy an idea about a hero I once met.”
“Let’s get out of here, Soldier.”
Hanging up the Shield.
Our players today for “Hanging up the Shield”, Ultimate Captain America with Motorcycle and Captain America/Peggy Carter Amazon Exclusive 2-Pack

That’s it for now! I’m looking forward to some DSLR 24.7 megapixel work next week!

More later! DrunkWooky out!

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