Mego Wave 7 Announced and More Mego Meet 15 News, Stan Lee 8″ Figure Prototype in the Works

Did you guys know Mego Meet was this month? Yeah, it happened about two weeks ago. Don’t worry, neither did I. I’m a big fan of Mego’s brand new retro-style reboot of their line, but I was not aware. During a time when all head sculpts are hyper-real, digital casts that match the high definition silver screen perfect, the retro charm of a Mego figure is easy for me to understand. It looks like a toy, it feels like a toy, and it’s limited like a toy. Does it have all the articulation it could? No. Is it’s range of motion limited? You betcha! But, the figures are designed with quality materials, they look like the characters, they have attitude that shines through the faces and at the end of the day, they fill me with joy. I love a hyper realistic figure that looks like a movie still in 3-D, but there’s nothing like a good old fashioned “toy” toy to take you back.

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Having said that, and without further a-do, Mego keeps on a-pumping out the news.

The hardcore Mego fans are a small, dedicated band, however. You can tell by the Youtube videos of the townhall Mego Q&A with Marty Abrams and associates that these fans get unprecedented access to the people running the show at the little toy company that could.

Entertainment Earth is a site dedicated to following ongoing Mego news, preserving Mego history, and generally serving the Mego fanbase. I’ve been reading their site for a long time and I can say, they do one thing and do that thing very well: talk Mego. All the following updates come from Mego Museum direct from Mego Meet 15.

Not from Wave 7, but one of my favorite new Mego figures.
Not from Wave 7, but one of my favorite new Mego figures.

Hot on the heels of Mego Meet, Mego announced the breakdown of licenses and characters for Wave 7! No images yet, but we’ll update once those come out of the woodwork. Wave 7 is slated for a September 2019 release, and can be preordered at Entertainment Earth and BBTS.

Other news and reveals coming out of Mego Meet 15:

  • Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed are coming down the pike in the Rocky line. Head sculpts were shown at mego Meet 15.
  • Playsets are coming for an unnamed license.
  • An 8″ Stan Lee head sculpt was shown!
  • A full Kannamit from “Twilight Zone” was shown.
  • A 14″ Locutus of Borg and 14″ Gorn were shown.
  • 8″ Picard and Data head sculpts were shown for the Star Trek line. Supposedly brand new head sculpts.

More later as visual aids are revealed.

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