New Star Wars Comic Crossover Event Coming In Summer 2023 by Charles Soule

Big news everywookiee! Marvel just posted a teaser for a new Star Wars comic crossover event by Charles Soule that is coming this summer.

Fitting that this announcement would come now right as the Qi’ra Trilogy is wrapping up with the conclusion of Star Wars: Hidden Empire set for May 2023.

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Based on the graphic the crossover will tie into the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra series, Star Wars: Darth Vader series, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters series, and the main Star Wars run that started in 2020.

“First, it comes for the metal…” is a reference to Star Wars: Revelations #1 where the Eye of Webbish Bog warns Darth Vader of a coming threat to the galaxy.

I don’t think that “First, it comes for the metal” to be an official title or anything. That will likely be announced next week.

Star Wars "First it comes for the metal" Star Wars Revelations #1

This is implied to be a reference to a long lost Droid Revolutionary from the High Republic era, Ajax Sigma. Ajax leads a revolution with a droid army against organics before being cut down by Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm.

Ajax Sigma’s first comic appearance is Star Wars: Revelations #1.

Ajax Sigma Charles Soule

Loden Greatstorm is one of the main characters in Charles Soule’s novel Light of the Jedi. As you can see the revolution was a big enough issue to warrant the involvement of the Jedi order.

Loden Greatstorm Charles Soule Ajax Sigma

Ajax Sigma’s neural core was then past down from droid to droid before ending up on the hands of Han Solo and Chewbacca. This story is being told in the Star Wars: Han Solo and Chewbacca comic series that wraps up next week.

But long story short… Ajax gets rebuilt.

Really looking forward to seeing what makes Ajax Sigma such a threat. I’ll have more on this later as concrete details emerge.

Until then… for light and life my wookiee brothers and sisters.

Grand Admiral Frik.

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  1. Hi could the droid on the cover of the jabba’s palace one shot coming soon be ajax sigma? Its written by guggenheim also. Looks smaller but just a thought.

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