PREVIEW: Lumpy and A New Bounty Hunter Show Up In Star Wars Hyperspace Stories #4

The 4th issue of Dark Horse’s all-ages 10-part series, Star Wars Adventures: Hyperspace Stories comes out next Wednesday, March 1st. Late yesterday Dark Horse Comics posted an official preview of the issue that has two interesting/notable characters in it.

  1. First off, Chewbacca’s son Lumpawaroo aka Lumpy is all grown up! I’m not 100% but I believe this is Lumpy’s first appearance in a traditional comic series. Lumpy was a recurring character in the Star Wars: Aftermath books.

    UPDATE: It appears that Lumpy first appeared in Star Wars #91 as part of the original Star Wars Marvel comic run as a child. I was unaware of this until @lefteros sent me a screenshot of the panel he shows up in.
  2. Also, there is a new Twilek Bounty Hunter named Mwarr Ja’Randa in the preview hunting down Rey. I couldn’t find any existing mentions of this character so I am going to call this their first appearance for now.

Like everything, I have no idea if these characters are important or not long turn. It’s safe to say Lumpy isn’t going anywhere though.

It will be interesting to see if Mwarr makes it off Kashyyyk alive though. Wookiees don’t play around when it comes to Life Day. This could be a classic case of mess around and find out.

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This is the way.

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #4


(W) Amanda Deibert (A) Lucas Marengon

On Kashyyyk, it’s a time of celebration, but is anywhere safe from the Dark Side?

In need of a break from her duties to the Resistance, Rey accepts Chewbacca’s invitation to journey to his home planet for the annual Life Day celebration. But unknown to either of them, this party has a crasher; a vicious bounty hunter dispatched by the First Order!

There’s blasters and battles and Wookiees galore, in Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #4!

In Shops: Mar 01, 2023

SRP: $3.99


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Star Wars Adventures: Hyperspace Stories #4 Official Preview

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