General Viess To Appear In Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade #2?

So I was watching the most recent episode of The High Republic show on YouTube by and part of the show was the host, Krystina Arielle, interviewing Lucasfilm Editor, Emeli Juhlin, and High Republic Authors Zoraida Cordova and Charles Soule!

At one point in the interview the Krystina Arielle asked the panel to tell the audience what characters of Phase II of the High Republic that they should be paying close attention to moving forward. Charles Soule’s comment around the 17:45 minute mark was particularly interesting as it relates to his High Republic – The Blade comic miniseries about Jedi Master Porter Engle.

It appears we will be getting a new character named “General Vice” (unsure if that is the correct spelling. he could have said General Weiss. IDK) near the end of The High Republic – The Blade #2 that will be important moving forward. This issue will be out on January 25th, 2023 unless something changes.

I posted about it on the Department of Comics discord server in the new Drunk Wooky channels last night so if you’re in there or follow me on Instagram you likely already saw it.

Time will tell if that actually means important for the phase or just the miniseries but regardless it caught my attention.

DISCLAIMER: This does not mean you need to go sell your car and buy up all of the issue of The Blade #2. I never advocate telling people how to spend their money and I have no clue about what the future value of this book will be. Just that I am paying attention to it.

In short, do what you want but not because of me. It’s your money… not mine. Sound fair?

That being said here are all the variants that I know of for the 2nd issue (of 4) of Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade.

Star Wars The High Republic: The Blade #2 (of 4) | Phase 2


Variant Cover by DAVID LOPEZ • Variant Cover by MICO SUAYAN


• Jedi Master PORTER ENGLE has journeyed with his sister, Barash, to a planet far on the Republic frontier in response to a desperate request for aid.
• They are certain they will succeed. No one in the galaxy fights like Jedi Porter Engle. No warrior can stand against him. No one even comes close.
• They are certain…until they see what awaits them.

In Shops: January 25th 2022


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