New Star Wars Revelations #1 Variant Details + Iden Versio and Ajax Sigma Speculation

Star Wars Revelations 1 2022 Iden Versio

A few week’s back Star Wars comic artist Caspar Wijngaard revealed his variant art for the upcoming Star Wars: Revelations #1 one-shot that is set to hit stores on November 23rd. An homage to Darth Vader #8 featuring the Eye of Webbish Bogg from the 2020 Vader by by Greg Pak.

At the time it was not listed on any of the distributors websites for order. I had assumed that it was a retailer exclusive variant but late last week but honestly wasn’t sure what the situation was.

Star Wars Revelations Caspar Wijngaard Variant Unknown Comics
Star Wars #8 by Great Pak Eye of Webbish Bogg

Then, late last week, Unknown Comics confirmed my assumption with an announcement that their partner team of comic shops would be the exclusive sellers of the variant.

Pre-orders of the Star Wars Revelations Variant star this upcoming Saturday, November 5th at Unknown Comics, 616 Comics, Street Level Hero,, and Antihero Gallery.

Star Wars Revelations #1 is supposed to be a big issue that will tease the future of Star Wars comics through visions Vader has during a new encounter with the Eye of Webbish Bogg on Mustafar. Reading between the lines it appears that this issue will act as a teaser for upcoming comic series in 2023.

Should you buy this? That’s up to you. You and only you can make that decision as it’s your money… not mine. Please please please only buy stuff that you personally want, not because some dude on the internet likes.

But there is reason to believe that this could be a potential key issue.

Iden Versio and Inferno Squad?

First off, it’s very likely that the first full appearances of Iden Versio and members of Inferno Squad, Gideon Hask and Del Meeko, are in this comic.

First appearance of Iden Versio Del meeko Gideon Hask

To me this qualifies as a significant firrst appearance as they are star characters from one of the most popular Star Wars video games of all time… Star Wars Battle Front II.

The Awakening of Ancient Droid Ajax Sigma

Here’s what the Marvel preview had to say about Ajax…

“All of these seemingly disparate threads are woven into a singular tapestry that will become strikingly clear in STAR WARS: REVELATIONS—and that’s not all! Vader will also learn of a deadly new threat that’s about to emerge. Meet Ajax Sigma, a droid unlike any other. Discover his rich Star Wars-history spanning backstory and watch in terror as he reawakens with a goal that will shake the galactic landscape to its core.”

There are two interesting things to take from that snippet.

  1. Darth Vader considers Ajax a threat. Meaning whatever this droid can do and wherever they came from pose a significant enough threat to the Empire to warrant his attention. Vader doesn’t consider much a threat so Ajax must have some secrets that make it unique.
  2. Ajax’s influence apparently spans across all or most era of Star Wars. Meaning, he’s ancient. From a speculation standpoint this means that Ajax can realistically show up in a ton of different stories in a ton of different eras. They made a point to talk about their backstory and, to me, this makes it likely that this ancient droid will show up in at least the High Republic and potentially the Old Republic or an Age of the Sith type story as well.
First Appearance of Ajax Sigma

I feel like it’s near certain that Revelations reveals that we are going to get a series of comics that all center around the destruction of the 2nd Death Star OR centered around the immediate aftermath of it’s fall.

I fully anticipate an Inferno Squad series and likely something that has to do with Ajax Sigma. Potentially his connection to an ancient force cult or civilization.

That’s all for now. I will have a lot more as we get closer to the November 23rd release date of Star Wars Revelations.

Be sure to get in your pre-orders below and star tuned for more.

Star Wars: Revelations #1 – Nov 23, 2022

(W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Salvador Larroca, Various (CA) Phil NotoTHE CAN’T-MISS STAR WARS ISSUE OF THE YEAR!
•  After WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS came CRIMSON REIGN… now in the midst of HIDDEN EMPIRE, Qi’ra has shaken the galactic landscape to its core!
•  …But what lies beyond for the Rebellion? For the Empire? What role do the bounty hunters play? And what is happening to Doctor Aphra?
•  Witness the next step in the legacy of heroes and scoundrels in the galaxy far, far away as MARC GUGGENHEIM (HAN SOLO & CHEWBACCA) is joined by a ragtag team of artists to bring you an explosive tale you won’t soon forget!
•  The path to the future of STAR WARS starts here!

In Shops: Nov 23, 2022

SRP: $5.99


May the force be with you!

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